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Examples of So Called Christian Material to Be Studiously Avoided

Either they contradict, deviate from, or make a mockery of the Scriptures. One way or another they lead the undiscerning reader away from the truth

Note: The Christian world today is awash with books, movies, and even video Games - many of which become extremely popular. However, discernment is at such as all time low that few seem to realize that the vast majority of these stray quite far from what the Bible actually says and teaches. Many of them make a mockery of God’s Word.

Although the examples below are not the latest to hit the Christian market, they should serve as an example of how easily inaccurate portrayals have wormed their way into the mind and hearts of believers.
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The Chronicles of Narnia If, as some Christians have alleged, The Chronicles of Narnia are an illustrious biblical metaphor... wonderful adventures that filled with Biblical allegory and allusion, why do they draw as much from pagan mythology as they do the Bible, and worse, why does one of the main characters Mr. Tumnus bears an astonishing similarity to the Greco/Roman fertility deity Pan, one of the most enduring and compelling symbols for the anti-Christ.

The Prayer of Jabez In Gethsemane the holiest of all petitioners prayed three times that a certain cup might pass from Him. It did not. After that the idea that prayer is recommended to us as a sort of infallible gimmick may be dismissed." 

Veggie Tales In the midst of all the cultural and spiritual confusion, it is understandable why parents would show interest when a movie, like Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, hits the big screen. After all, not only is the movie about a biblical character, it is also void of sex, violence, and bad language, but...

The Shack was a New York Times best seller with well over a million copies in print. It is Christian fiction that attempts to present a Christian worldview through the genre of religious fiction. However responses to The Shack range from eulogy to heresy, with some calling it "scripturally incorrect" and downright "dangerous." So how Christian is it really?

Touched By An Angel ‘Touched by an Angel‘ was an American supernatural drama television series that ran for nine seasons from 1994–2003 (211 episodes). The series was about an angel named Monica tasked with bringing guidance and messages from God to various people who are at a crossroads in their lives. Although it is an older series it enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, immense popularity. Some episodes can be watched online and the entire series is available on DVD through Amazon where the latest reviews are as recent as this year. In fact, one of the newer ones said the theology was “beyond reproach” - which is why, this article remains on the site.

Merchandising The Gospel Or ‘Christianity is BIG business’ ... If God gives His wisdom away free, what makes ours so valuable we have to put a price on it? The ‘Religious Retailing Era’ has done away with... “freely ye have received, freely give”.

Virtual Christianity We talk fervently about "reaching people," about bringing the good news to a new generation that doesn’t read books or listen to long sermons. But do we really think that once we’ve contributed to their ongoing entertainment, albeit with the gospel, they will willingly and easily turn into reflective Christians that meditate on God’s written Word? What steps are we taking to make sure this happens?

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Beyond Mere Christianity: An Assessment of C. S. Lewis A full consideration of Lewis needs to include his strengths and his weaknesses. A discerning reader can recognize that many of his writings and strategies are helpful and are a valuable contribution to apologetics and theology while also recognizing that some of his teachings go beyond the scope of mere Christianity.

The Problem With Creeds .. The word creed is from the Latin credo, meaning, "I believe." Of course, there is nothing wrong in itself with stating a belief. This is, in fact, necessary if we will take a stand for truth. One might even agree generally with the teaching of the material in a creed; but a "creed" goes beyond stating a belief. It is essentially an authoritative statement of a particular position (or positions) to which others are expected to assent.

Santa Claus.. Pretender To The Throne For the most part, the world will tolerate stars, angels, Christmas trees, or a baby sleeping in a manger. But there’s still "no room at the inn" for the King who invites us to walk His lowly path. Worse.. Jesus’ place has been usurped by a pleasant fat fellow boasting a red hat and team of reindeer. So how do we understand the Santa Claus phenomenon? What do we REALLY know about Santa? Is he just a harmless, friendly fellow? Or is there something or someone else hiding behind the façade?

Halloween is much more than a harvest festival. Its origins are deeply rooted in the occult.


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