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Premarital Sex

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Sex and The Single Christian

“The Bible has a word to describe 'SAFE' sex: it's called marriage”  Gary Smalley

The Bible and Premarital Sex
Christians are repeatedly called to live their lives in a way that is markedly different from the lives of the people among whom they live, and not to be swayed by the values and perceptions of the world around them. The Bible does not treat sex as the secular world does, but a study of the subject reveals that it, along with marriage, has a deep spiritual significance.  

Premarital Sex.. Why Wait?
Our society is starving for intimacy. And many of the lies we believe in our culture have to do with our hunger for relationship. We want acceptance, loving relationships and deep intimacy, and yet we believe the lie that sex will satisfy our hunger

How Far Is Too Far?
Most people who lose their battle with temptation do so because they don’t start the fight soon enough. They let the Tempter have too many early victories. They give the evil one easy, uncontested wins by hardly thinking twice about viewing/hearing/reading things that weaken them, and dabbling with ‘legitimate pleasures’ that edge them closer and closer to the crumbling cliff face. Of necessity, every couple needs to establish their own rules. Limits must be soberly and prayerfully determined and set in concrete ahead of time. To leave it to spur-of-the-moment feelings to decide where we draw the line is too foolish to contemplate.



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