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A Christian Perspective on Marriage

Marriage Is a Biblical Blood Covenant
Very few realize that there is a deep spiritual significance in a virgin bride shedding blood on her wedding night.

What Is The Promise Of Marriage?
Everyone who enters marriage does so with a set of expectations, and those expectations can be the source of disillusionment if our marriage doesnít live up to them. One way to avoid that disillusionment is to make sure that our expectations match what marriage really promises.

Choosing A Marriage Partner
Except for the decision to trust Christ as Savior, itís been said that there is no more significant decision anyone will make than the decision of who to marry.

Unequally Yoked
 Does the teaching of Paul in 2 Cor. 6:14 have application to marriage? Specifically: may a believer marry an unbeliever? May a Christian marry one who is not (i.e., a Jew, a Buddhist, an atheist, etc.)? Does God recognize such unions as legitimate marriages? Does He forbid them altogether? If such persons marry, are these unions sinful in the sight of God? Must they terminate these unions to again be in fellowship with the Father? These are serious questions.

The Myth of the Divine Matchmaker
The Biblical, rational, and experiential evidence speak in one accord against the myth of the divine matchmaker. Rather than asking who we should marry the Bible asks if we should marry. Rather than teaching that God will reveal ďthe one,Ē the Bible teaches that the decision concerning who we marry is a personal choice informed by wisdom. As lovely as the notion of soul mates may be, and as spiritual as the method for finding that soul may sound, neither are Biblical concepts and thus both must be dismissed by those whose authority for faith and practice is Scripture.

Is There No End To The Madness?
Jesus grew up in a culture that prized wedding parties, and He was known to attend a reception or two. Marriage is Godís idea, and He deeply enjoys ceremonial fellowship. However the current extravagance that accompanies many of them is the poster children for our culture of excess.

When The Flame Flickers
Too often, shattered dreams and broken hearts show up at a courthouse to dissolve in pain what began with such promise. But often what is needed is a new vision for what could be restored rather than replaced.

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May Christians Divorce and Remarry?
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Marital Abuse
Victims of marital abuse need to know that the God of Moses and Jesus cares not only about marital permanence, but also for those who are caught in abuse that is worse than protective separation and divorce.

Pre-marital Sex


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