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Tongues... Serving A Different Master?


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Tongues.. and The “Second Blessing”
"An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign" (Matthew 12:39)

 Carol Brooks


Ch. 1. Tongues - Introduction
Although most Pentecostals and Charismatics teach that all Christians have the Holy Spirit, i.e they are regenerated and sanctified by the Spirit when they are converted, there is a 'second level' of blessing, or a deeper work of God's grace available to the believer. This 'Second Blessing' is likened to the special outpouring on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples filling them and empowering them in a unique way. The Assemblies of God, the world's largest Pentecostal denomination with almost 70 million members, describes this blessing as "a vital experience of the Christian life" and "a special work of the Spirit beyond salvation". Tongues is commonly held to be the litmus test for Spirit baptism. However, not everyone shares the opinion that the Pentecostal position on tongues is Biblical nor that the 'Second Blessing' is a blessing. What is certain is that it is an issue of no small magnitude


Ch. 2. Tongues - In The Gospels and Acts
The two questions we should ask is why people spoke in tongues in the first place, and was there any difference between the tongues in the book of Acts and the tongues Paul gave so much instruction about in the book of Corinthians. The several factors unique to Pentecost makes it difficult to see how the tongues on that day can be used as a perpetual blueprint for receiving the Holy Spirit. In any case, not everyone spoke in Tongues on Pentecost. In The Book of Acts Pay close attention to the two groups and, possibly a third, that was given the sign of tongues As far as Mark 16:17 is concerned, even if these verses weren't a later addition to the Bible, the text very clearly states that five signs will follow believers


Ch. 3. Tongues - I Corinthians
1 Corinthians - The Gift of Tongues: We need to pay attention to the overall message of 1 Corinthians 14 and stop disregarding what Paul said about the gift of tongues.


Ch. 4. Tongues - A Known Language?
Some instances of the tongues spoken within the charismatic movement today have been examined by linguistic scholars, and found not to be any real, human language. This brings up the question of whether there is any solid evidence in the Bible that the gift of tongues was a known human language, rather than unintelligible utterances.


Ch. 5. Tongues - What Spirit?
What every Christian probably already knows, but rarely seems to take seriously, is the fact that not every spirit is of God. In fact, tongues are not restricted to born again Christian believers but also occurred among pagans, non-christian religions and heretical 'Christian' sects without, apparently ANY difference. Additionally, the highly charged setting, the screaming, the erratic movements one sees in many Pentecostal churches are exactly the same seen in Hindu meditation sessions, voodoo rituals etc. They are all common signs of demon possession. In other words if the Pentecostal phenomena looks like a duck, walks and sounds like a duck - we would be very foolish to arbitrarily dismiss the possibility that it is a duck. How did this happen? A brief history of Pentecostalism may provide important clues as to how different spirits infiltrated the church.


Ch. 6. Tongues - Conclusion
What the Bible says about who receives God's Holy Spirit.  Hint: Every converted person who has repented and been baptized in water, has also been baptized by God's Spirit . What it means to have the Spirit of God dwelling in us. The gifts of the Spirit.


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