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What And Where is “Heaven”?

Carol Brooks.

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." [Matthew 3:2 NASB]


Part I.. Defining "Heaven"

Varied Beliefs
"Heaven" That Ethereal Place In Christian Thought.
The Word "Heaven" in The Bible

Jesus' Core Message... The Kingdom of Heaven/God
"Heaven" vs. The "Kingdom of Heaven"

Summary and Conclusion


Part II... The Location and Nature of Heaven

The Promises (Location)
A Tangible Place
The Kingdom of God in Jewish Thought
God's Three Interconnected And Inseparable Promises to Abraham
Abraham's Descendants
A "Type", or Literal Fulfillment?
The "Land"
A Real City Spoken of in The Book of Hebrews

The Prophecies (Nature)
The Prophets "Saw" The Coming Kingdom

A Summary of The Location and Nature of Heaven

How Did The Promise Of Earthly Land Become A Promise of an Unearthly Heaven?


Part III ... Jesus' Second Coming and The Resurrection of The Body

Christ Returns with Those Who Have Fallen Asleep In Jesus
Those Who Are Alive Will "Meet" Him In The Air


Part IV... A New Heaven and A New Earth

Will The Earth Be Destroyed?
The New Jerusalem Comes Down From Heaven
Heaven and Earth Become One ...
... In the Coming Kingdom of God


Part V... Will There Be Time and Space In The New Earth?


Part VI... The Bema Seat and Rewards in Heaven
The Bema Seat
What is The Bema Seat?
The Bema Seat and The Christian
The Purpose of Christ's Bema Seat

Rewards Vs. Salvation
Are Matthew 16:27 and Matthew 20:1-16 Contradictory?
The Nature of The Rewards
Isn't it Presumptuous to Expect Rewards From God?
Losing Rewards
Redeeming The Time


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