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Tongues... Serving A Different Master?

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Tongues.. and The “Second Blessing”
"An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign" (Matthew 12:39)

 Carol Brooks


Ch. 1. Tongues - Introduction
Deception in The Church
Because it is critically important this warning has been repeated on several pages on this site

The Holy Spirit in The Old and New Testaments

The "Second Blessing"
Is there a special post conversion religious experience available to all believers?

Tongues... The Initial Evidence
Tongues is commonly held to be the litmus test for Spirit baptism.

The Controversy and It's Importance
Not everyone shares the opinion that the Pentecostal position on tongues is Biblical nor that the 'Second Blessing' is a blessing.
What is certain is that it is an issue of no small magnitude.


Ch. 2. Tongues - In The Gospels and Acts
The Purpose of Tongues in The New Testament
What the reason was that people spoke in tongues in Acts and Corinthians?

The Proof Texts - Introduction

Mark 16:17
Even if they weren't a later addition to the Bible, the text very clearly states that five signs will follow believers

Speaking in Tongues - In The Book of Acts
Pay close attention to the two groups and, possibly a third, that was given the sign of tongues

Pentecost - Distinguishing Factors
The several factors unique to Pentecost makes it difficult to see how Acts 2 can be used as
a perpetual blueprint for receiving the Holy Spirit.

What All Three Occurrences Had in Common
If we want to be true to the pattern of Acts, then we have to consider the several factors that were common to all three occurrences

Not Everyone Spoke in Tongues On Pentecost

Was the Spirit Given Before Pentecost?


Ch. 3. Tongues - In Corinthians
1 Corinthians - The Gift of Tongues
We need to pay attention to the overall message of 1 Corinthians 14.

Disregarding Much of What Paul Said About The Gift of Tongues.
 Not All Christians Speak In Tongues, It is Not The Most Desirable Gift, No Interpreter - No Tongues, Tongues Was A Sign to Unbelievers,
Speak In Turns, Do Everything Decently and In Order Lest Outsiders Think You Are All Mad

How Important Were Tongues in The New Testament?


Ch. 4. Tongues - A Known Language?
A Known Language or Unintelligible Utterances?

Pentecost - Speaking In Other Languages
And was it necessary?

After Pentecost... Speaking In Other Languages?
How did Peter know that the Romans had received the same gift as the disciples did on Pentecost?

Unknown Languages or Ecstatic Speech?

Tongues of Angels?
Literal language or hyperbole?

Matthew 6:7
Jesus' whole point was in favor of short and meaningful prayers.


Ch. 5. Tongues - What Spirit?
Tongues Are NOT Restricted to Born Again Christian Believers
 Pagans and heretical christian movements in the ancient past spoke in tongues. Non-christian religions and heretical 'Christian' sects
in the modern world speak in tongues without, apparently ANY difference

Erratic Movements are NOT Restricted to Born Again Christian Believers
In fact, if you watch the videos, you will see that the movements are exactly the same.

A Different Spirit?
What every Christian probably already knows, but rarely seems to take seriously, is the fact that not every spirit is of God

But How Did This Spirit Infiltrate the Church?
Every occult practice is introduced into the church by one person or a small group of people who will open the floodgates.

A Brief History of Pentecostalism May Provide The Answer

An ancient religion practiced by some 30 million people in the West African nations of Benin, Togo, and Ghana. But what, if anything, has any of this to do with modern Pentecostalism?

Circumstantial Evidence?
if it looks like a duck, walks and sounds like a duck - we would be very foolish to arbitrarily dismiss the possibility that it is a duck.

Common Signs of Demon Possession
The Emotionally Charged Setting + the Similarities in sound and movement.

Comparing the Lwa with New Testament Demonic Possession
Are They Fallen Angels?


Ch. 6. Tongues - Conclusion
According to The Bible Who Receives God's Holy Spirit?
A surprising answer

According to The Bible How Does One Receive God's Spirit?
 Every converted person who has repented and been baptized in water, has also been baptized by God's Spirit.

What It Means To Have The Spirit of God Dwelling In Us
The Spirit of God dwelling in someone simply means that they are spiritually minded, ie. under the direction and influence of the Holy Spirit.

The Gifts of The Spirit

Two Reasons People Don't Speak In Tongues??
No! Just one - They have actually studied the Bible


The Modern Church’s Literal Doctrines of Demons