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The Qur'an

Apologetic Paper in 3 Parts by Joseph Smith - May 1995

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003white PART ONE

A. Introduction

B. The Authority of the Qur'an

C. The Revelation of the Qur'an

D. The Inspiration of the Qur'an

E. The Qur'an's Supposed Distinctive Qualities
E1. Its Holiness
E2. Its Superior Style
E3. Its Literary Qualities
E4. Its Pure Arabic

F. The Qur'an's Supposed Universal Qualities
F1. The Inferiority of Women in the Qur'an
F2. The "Sword" found in the Qur'an

003white  PART TWO

G. The Collation, or Collection of the Qur'anic Text
The Periods of Revelation
The Method of Collection
Zaid's Collection
Competing Collections
The Standardisation of One Text
The Missing Verses
Sura 33:23
The Verse on Stoning
The Variations Between the Codices
Abdullah ibn Mas'ud's Codex
Ubayy Ka'b's Codex
Conclusions on the Collation of the Qur'anic Text

H. The Abrogation of Qur'anic Verses

003white PART THREE

I. Errors Found Within the Qur'an
Contradictions With the Bible Which Point to Errors:

Internal Contradictions Which Point to Errors
Mary & Imran
Errors Which Contradict Secular and Scientific Data
Alexander the Great
Pharaoh's Cross
Other Scientific problems

Man's Greatness
Seven Earths
Jinns & Shooting Stars
Solomon's power over nature
Youth and dog sleep 309 years
People become apes
Sodom & Gomorrah turned upside-down
Jacob's smell & sight
Night/Day/Sun/Moon are subject to man

Grammatical Errors

J. The Sources of the Qur'an

Stories Which Correspond With Biblical Accounts

Satan's Refusal to Worship Adam
Cain and Abel
Mt Sanai
Solomon and Sheba
Mary, Imran and Zachariah
Jesus's Birth
Heaven and Hell

Stories Which do not Correspond with the Biblical Account
Harut and Marut
The Cave of 7 Sleepers
The Sirat

K. Conclusion


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