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The Face of Murder

If God could hear the voice of Abel's blood crying out to Him from the ground (Genesis 4:10), do you suppose God has missed the cries of these infants or the 50,000,000+ others who have been butchered in America since 1973?

Why These Graphic Images?
All Images Courtesy of www.priestsforlife.org.

We use graphic images to save lives from other kinds of violence - I've seen graphic drawing by first and second graders accompanied by the words "Drugs Kill"." I've seen smashed cars put on public display with the sign, "Drunk Driving Kills." The LA Times 7/8/95 reported an effort at Jefferson High School to stop street violence. Freshmen were shown slide after slide of victims blown apart by bullets. The anti-war movement in America was given momentum in the early '70's by a famous photo of a napalmed girl. Efforts to save the starving have been spurred on by images of malnourished children. The examples can go on and on.

The word abortion has lost practically all its meaning. Not even the most vivid description, in words alone, can adequately convey the horror of this act of violence. Abortion is sugar-coated by rhetoric which hides its gruesome nature. The procedure is never shown in the media. Too many people remain either in ignorance or denial about it, and hence too few are moved to do something to stop it. Graphic images are needed. A picture is worth a thousand words -- and in this battle, it can be worth many lives as well. (Rev. Frank A. Pavone. National Director, Priests For Life)

In a sense, people already know this is a baby. But there are different kinds of knowing. One can assert that abortion takes a human life, as most Americans do assert. But without seeing it, one can also fail to appreciate the enormity of the evil, and can reconcile the assertion that it is wrong with the assertion that it is necessary, at least sometimes, and especially in the first trimester. This dynamic is reflected in the statistics regarding the positions of Americans on abortion. Most are in the middle, the "conflicted middle," holding that what is admittedly child killing should sometimes be allowed. This "conflicted middle" will decide the outcome of the abortion war in our country, and they have to be moved out of the middle. (The Use of Graphic Images: Re-thinking Pro-life Strategy).

InPlainSite.org Note: Please do not send me silly e-mails telling me these are embryos and fetus. The words embryo and fetus are scientific jargon for a baby at different stages of their development.

7 Weeks

7 week old baby. Suction Abortion

See Medical Authentication

Aborted 7 weeks B

8 Weeks

Aborted 7 weeks A

8 week old baby. Suction Abortion. Hand and Arm.

8 week old baby. Suction Abortion

Aborted 8 Weeks C

8 week old baby.

See Medical Authentication

9 Weeks

9 week old baby.

See Medical Authentication

Aborted 9 Weeks

10 Weeks

Aborted 10 Weeks A

10 week old baby. Suction Abortion.

See Medical Authentication

10 week old baby boy. Suction Abortion

Aborted 10 Weeks A

12 Weeks

Aborted 12 Weeks

12 week old baby. Suction Abortion

22 Weeks

See Medical Authentication

Aborted 22 Weeks A
Aborted 22 Weeks B

See Medical Authentication

24 Weeks

Aborted 24 Weeks

See Medical Authentication

Aborted Baby

Severed Limbs and Head.

A Perfectly Formed Hand and Foot, Complete With Creases.

Aborted Baby-1

Medical Authentication For some of The Above Photographs

Aborted auth07wB




Aborted auth08wC


Aborted auth10wA


Aborted auth22wA


Aborted auth22wB


Aborted auth24w



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