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Section 2.. Reasons To Believe/The Bible/
Apocrypha... Gnostic Gospels/The DaVinci Code

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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code Has been aptly described as a “cartoonish, illiterate, dishonest piece of hack drivel” (Mark Shea).

Also See Section   Apocrypha, Lost Books, Gnostic Gospels

 "The only thing more powerful than a worldwide conspiracy, it seems, is our desire to believe in one." [Laura Miller The Last Word; The Da Vinci Con]. Dan Brown opens his novel with the words “FACT”  in bold, capital letters. However what few it does contain require serious qualification.


The Da Vinci Code: Revisiting a Cracked Conspiracy
It is indeed unfortunate that many readers of this book have been mesmerized by Brown’s storyline and have become convinced that The Da Vinci Code presents, or may present, a true, academic account of history. On the contrary, art scholars do not support Brown’s claims about Renaissance art and biblical and patristic scholars do not confirm his assertions regarding Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the church, and Constantine. In the final analysis, Brown’s claims turn out to be just as fictional as the rest of The Da Vinci Code.

A Review of over 30 Apparent Inaccuracies in a Popular Work of Fiction
In closing: if the contents of The Da Vinci Code are examples of Dan Brown’s idea of accurate statements, I sure wouldn’t want to see what his inaccurate statements are like. On page 267, Teabing asks what would happen if people found out that the greatest story ever told (a reference to the Biblical story of Christ) “is, in fact, the greatest story every sold.” I think these 30 points demonstrate who’s using misinformation to sell a story.

The Top Ten Da Vinci Code Distortions
The Da Vinci Code is a clever and dangerous book suffused with lies, distortions, Satanic imagery and historical inaccuracies, all designed to cast doubt in readers' minds about the deity of Jesus Christ. The purpose is to give people an excuse to stay away from Bible-centered churches and to embrace gods of their own making

About the Upcoming Movie: “While I share the indignation of my brethren over this made-for-profit monstrosity that peddles yet another flesh-friendly Jesus for the Antichrist, I have to ask: Why is the church so indignant over Hollywood’s heresy and yet so passive about its own? Why is it acceptable for church growth leaders to twist and theorize their way around the eternal truths of scripture for the sake of a better attendance and offering and not acceptable for Tom Hanks and Ron Howard? ...Even so, I believe the half-truths and heart-felt heresies being sold to seekers at church today are far more dangerous than the boldface lies blaring away down at the Bijou because they come camouflaged as “Christian” and are therefore more believable to the biblically ignorant and spiritually blind, particularity in a church setting where gullible participants go along to get along for the love and acceptance of a compromised collective. [See Section The Contemporary Church]


Apocrypha, Lost Books,
Gnostic Gospels