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The Purpose Driven Life

Carol Brooks

“How a book sells is not an indication of its merit. The American public has a seemingly bottomless appetite for nonsense, as evidenced by the countless tomes about astrology, aliens from outer space, quack diets, and UFOs that have regularly graced best-seller lists over the years. Some books that sold millions have later been exposed as hoaxes. A slot on the best-seller list tells you exactly one thing about a book: that a lot of people bought it.” See Footnote.

Introduction to Rick Warren and The Purpose Driven Life, which is alive, well, and being reinvented for a whole new generation. So what is the Purpose Driven Life about, and why 40 days?


Who is The Purpose-Driven Life's target audience? A shallow incomplete gospel that cannot save. Theology that falls somewhere between determinism and free will. A plethora of questionable Bible versions that actually alter the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek text.


Some of the problems in Chapters 1-10


Chapters 11-20.

Part V
Part V... Chapter 21 (unity at all cost) and Saddleback’s Member Covenant


Part VI
Some of the problems in Chapters 25-40


Part VII
Quoting Some Highly Questionable Authors. The Catholic Mystics, Contemplative Prayer, and The Four Temperaments. Oh yes! And lets not forget the introduction to a well known New Age leader.


Summary and Conclusion. What you will find in PDL... a wide variety of, potentially, very destructive people, ideas, and practices, and the deliberate and blatant twisting of Biblical text taken to a whole new level. On the other hand, any mention of repentance, discernment, and holiness are glaringly absent from a book that claims to be the "Windows system of the 21st-century church."


The quote at the top of the page is from Pg. 131 of Robert Boston's book... The Most Dangerous Man In America? Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition. Robert Boston, who frequently appears on television and radio, is senior policy analyst for Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) and the assistant editor of AU's monthly magazine, Church & State. He is ardent advocate of separation of church and state and has authored three books on the subject. [https://www.au.org/about/people/rob-boston]. Therefore I will probably have little sympathy with anything he has to say. However the sentence I have quoted from his book about Pat Robertson, hits the nail on the head, and perfectly applies to Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life. A lot of people bought a book that is only worth a trip to the nearest recycle bin.

Purpose Driven