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The Parliament of the World's Religions

Helping Lay The Foundations For The Anti-Christ

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Also See Pluralism (All Paths.. One Destination? )
Claiming that it is intolerant to say that "all paths do not lead to the same destination" misses the point. The important issue is the truth or falsity of this assertion. It is tragically true that few of those who believe 'all spiritual beliefs are valid paths to God" seem to have made an in depth study of various religions to see if their claims are based on fact, or fairy dust. This simply because many, if not most, people seem to believe that religion is a matter of what you believe, and 'faith' has nothing to do with reality. Whether you have thought about it or not, whether you are willing to face it or not, the simple fact is... if two religions make truth-claims which contradict each other, they cannot both be right.  

Parliament of the World's Religions
As stated on their web site, (Emphasis Added)

    The Parliament of the World's Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. To accomplish this, we invite individuals and communities who are equally invested in attaining this goal. [01]

The first formal gathering of representatives of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions (the original World's Parliament of Religions) was held in 1893 on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago. A variety of spiritual leaders from around the world came to share their perspectives and engage in dialogue. This event, that made a significant contribution to the already changing religious landscape in the West, marked the parliament as the beginning of the inter-faith movement.

There is little wrong with the motivation behind these gathering. After all peace, justice, the environment etc. are all topics that virtually everyone can rightly agree on. However, the problem is that, like the partnership between government and religion, and the New Age movement, I have little doubt that this partnership between various religions is a significant step in preparing the world for the coming political/religious leader, the Antichrist.

See The Antichrist

and The New Age Movement - Roots, Expansion & Diversification, Goals, and Dangers

Besides which, it is interesting (but hardly surprising) that from 1993 onwards, at least some of the Parliaments hostility to Christianity and Bible truths were not easy to overlook. See the 1993, 2015 and 2018 Parliaments below. This, by the way, makes the self proclaimed sentiment of 'tolerance and respect' for all beliefs and religious persuasions nothing more than noble sounding rhetoric  that many who attend these parliaments flatly ignored.

1893 - The First Parliament - East Meets West
Although the gathering was predominantly Christian, both in delegates and themes -- and was not truly global (since the majority of the world's religions were not represented), it provided the occasion for a very favorable introduction of certain Eastern and Near-Eastern religions to the West (e.g., Hinduism, Buddhism, the Baha'i Faith).

It was at the first Parliament that Swami Vivekananda won over his audience -- many of whom had low expectations of an "uncivilized heathen" -- with his genteel manner and erudite presentation. Vivekananda was a 30-year-old Indian disciple of Sri Ramakrishna (1836-86), a revered "avatar" (god-man) who claimed he had followed the devotional teachings of several religions (including Christianity) and found them to be essentially the same as those of his own Hindu faith. Vivekananda developed this theme with great success at the Parliament, speaking reverently of Christ and affirming that the God worshiped by many names in the world's religions is one and the same. Capitalizing on his popularity, after the Parliament Vivekananda established "Vedanta Societies" (affiliated with the Rama-krishna Order in India) in several American cities. These were the first missionary outposts for an Eastern religion in the U.S., to be followed by Swami Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship in the 1920s and literally hundreds more, especially after immigration restrictions were lifted in 1965. [02]

1993 - The Second Parliament in Chicago - "From Vision to Action" (All Emphasis Added)

    During Monday evening's plenary session, "From Vision to Action: Celebrating Dialogue," CRI president Hank Hanegraaff and I watched in amazement as the New Age hand guiding the event became unmistakable. Each new presentation that evening was calculated to effect a conversion to New Age thinking. The Parliament's program catalogue called it "a process of orientation for thought and action."[20] No avenue of persuasion was ignored -- from the logical, emotional, experiential, and psychic to the use of peer pressure, humor, imagination, and the manipulation of the subconscious.

    It began with an "interactive musical performance" called the "Truth Spin Dance." The dancers in the performance would periodically engage in verbal duels over their perceptions of truth. This had the affect of mocking the very notion that there could be only one ultimate Truth. (In this regard, a reference to "the Gospel Truth" drew the loudest laughter from the crowd.) After this session an impressionable spectator might well have concluded that it is very inappropriate and politically incorrect to believe in the existence of objective, knowable religious truth.

    Out of the dark during that performance a voice revealed the true goal of the Parliament: "We are building a sacred place that will hold all our polarities and our paradoxes." In other words, the Parliament's goal was to construct a religious edifice flexible enough to house all the world's faiths under one spiritual roof. [03]

Since 1993, the Parliament of the World's Religions has convened every five years in a major international city.

1999 - The Third Parliament
The third Parliament, at which Nelson Mandela was a speaker, was held in Cape Town, South Africa

David Nelson (Devadatta), considered an authority on Kali, is a longstanding devotee of the Vedanta Society in Santa Barbara that operates under the spiritual leadership of the Ramakrishna Order of India. It was founded by Swami Vivekananda after the First Parliament in 1893 (above). See Thomas Merton, Aldous Huxley and The Vedanta Society

David Nelson was asked by Selena Fox to write about his experiences at the event. Here are some excerpts from his paper. (All Emphasis Added)

    The Parliament's more than 800 scheduled events began the following day. Often those events concerning Earthbased traditions, such as Shinto, Wicca, or Native American and indigenous African religions, were held simultaneously, making for difficult choices... My experiences gravitated around three areas of identity: Hindu, Pagan, and Gay. All received abundant nurture at various events

    In the opening procession we came face to face with the virulent fundamentalism which most often infects monotheistic faiths, breeding discord. But time and again the Parliament illustrated that an opposite current also flows, dissolving the boundaries between faith communities and peoples...

    The (interfaith) service brought together Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Baha'i celebrants, and the closing ritual would have been meaningful to any Pagan. Around an outdoor altar with candles at the center, a thick line of white salt formed a circle upon the brown Earth. Salt represents preservation, we were told, and the circle, of course, represents wholeness. Earlier, each of us had been given a stone, and now we were told to step forward and place it on the circle of salt, leaving there our wish that the miracle of South Africa's racial healing and peace will continue.

    At a panel discussion entitled "Critical Issues: Questions for Religions from the 1993 Parliament," hostility toward the Catholic Church erupted through the polite veneer when members of the audience posed tough, even angry, questions concerning proselytization, the Vatican's complicity in the spread of AIDS through its opposition to condoms, and the church's unrealistic suppression of the human body's natural sexual functions.

    Nevertheless, the Parliament came to an exhilarating close later that night when 16 Pagans met for dinner at the Africa Cafe... Now just by pure accident (of course!), the dining room opened onto a rooftop terrace, and after dinner we formed a circle under the South African stars. Thanks were offered to the Goddess for bringing us together for those extraordinary days, and when Rowan Fairgrove opened the circle, we experienced an outpouring of love as we embraced one another. The Parliament could not have ended more perfectly. "Blessed Be!" we exclaimed, and indeed we were. [3b]

The Fourth and Fifth Parliaments
The fourth Parliament was held in Barcelona in 2004. Because 2004 was the 400 year anniversary of the establishment of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji (the Sikh scriptures) Three hundred Sikh volunteers traveled to Barcelona to provide over 6,000 meals each day. An outdoor  labyrinth was also built to offer "Parliament participants time for quiet meditation and a profound connection with others." [04] See Walking The Labyrinth

The fifth Parliament took place in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. Prominent speakers in Melbourne included Jimmy Carter and the Dalai Lama. Queen Rania of Jordan could not be present but sent a video message.

    Note: Jimmy Carter is well known as a devout Christian who has literally put his money where his mouth is - working for social justice through the Carter Center, building homes with Habitat for Humanity etc. I can only suppose (or hope) that he has little knowledge of all that goes on at these Parliaments.

2015 - The Sixth Parliament in Salt Lake City, Utah, and The New Age Connection
Brian McLaren and other emergent "Christians" claiming that they represented the "new" Christianity", spoke at the 2015 Parliament . The Parliament was held from October 15-19 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In a November 10, 2018 article entitled Anger, Vitriol and Venom From the Parliament of the World's Religions by Lighthouse Trails Research, they write that

    "The late Ray Yungen attended the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions and said if there was one main theme that stood out at the event it was hostility against Bible-believing Christians. [05]

Hostility towards anything related to Biblical truths is not surprising in today's world. However, it does fly in the face of the 'tolerance and respect' that is supposed to be shown people of different faiths. One can be sure that there was no animosity towards any of the other religions that were welcomed with open arms.

So what, if anything, is actually being promoted by the Parliament?

The answer is pretty obvious.

Diana Butler Bass is a member of the Parliament [06] and was a speaker at the 2015 Parliament in Salt Lake City, Utah. In one of her more recent books, Christianity After Religion, Diana Bass wrote that she believes that the US (and other countries) are

    caught up in the throes of a political awakening, a period of sustained religious and political transformation during which our ways of seeing the world, understanding ourselves, and expressing faith are being, to borrow a phrase, "born again."...

    This awakening has been under way for some time now and has reached a crucial stage, as a new "Age of the Spirit: had dawned...

    This awakening is different . . . it is not about sawdust trails, mortification of sin [putting to death the old man], and being washed in the blood of the Lamb [the preaching of the Cross – emphasis ours]. The awakening going on around us is not an evangelical revival; it is not returning to the faith of our fathers or re-creating our grandparents church. Instead, it is a Great Returning to ancient understandings of the human quest for the divine. [07]

The editorial review of Christianity After Religion on Amazon calls her a "visionary author" who  "continues the conversation began in books like Brian D. McLaren's A New Kind of Christianity and Harvey Cox's The Future of Faith [08]

Is it no wonder that the back cover bears a glowing endorsement by Brian D. McLaren,

    Of Bass's many excellent books, this is the most substantive, provocative, and inspiring yet. . . . it leads to a powerful finale of sage guidance for the future. (Brian D. McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity)

He was joined by other apostates including Rob Bell and Phyllis Tickle (called an "an authority on religion in America") who died some three years ago.

    Bass has done it again! She's spot on-prophetic, compelling, and most importantly, hopeful. (Rob Bell, author of Love Wins) See Rob Bell

    It is one blockbuster of an analysis that is also a delight to read. (Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence) [09]

The Reappearance of the Christ
The terms "awakening" and "new Age of the Spirit" is nothing but New Age teachings that a new day is dawning - one that will usher in peace and enlightenment.

However, these ideas are also tied in with the idea that the utopian age will only come about under the leadership and guidance of a world leader/teacher who will soon emerge on the world's stage and save the world from sliding into chaos by teaching us to live at peace and unity with each other - thus ushering in the "new Age".

Under a non-human entity known as Djwhal Khul, a woman called Alice Bailey wrote 24 books most of which he dictated to her. Bailey also started the Lucifer publishing company to publish her books, eventually changing the name of the company to Lucis Trust. This was the first step on their road to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the international community.

Lucis Trust a powerful institution that enjoys "consultative status" with the United Nations, also provides worldwide financial support for the Arcane School, Triangles, World Goodwill, Lucis Publishing, Lucis Productions, Lucis Trust Libraries, the New Group of World Servers etc. most of which were formed so that Djwhal Khul could find a nucleus of people through whom he could work. The end goal of all these organizations is to facilitate what they commonly call, the "Reappearance of the Christ" - except that this 'christ' has nothing to do with the Biblical Jesus.

See The New Age Movement - Roots, Expansion & Diversification, Goals, and Dangers
The New Age - a multi-cultural, multi-religious spiritual and consciousness-raising movement with its roots in Eastern religions and the occult is anything but new. Unnoticed by all but a very few, over the last several decades New Age beliefs have gradually gathered momentum all over the face of the earth. Blended with mind/body/self-help, much of its teaching is now appealing to a far more mainstream consumer who is interested in becoming not only more spiritually aware, but healthier and more successful as well. However, it has a very dark side. It is fueled by unholy forces that oppose both God and man, shepherded by humans outside the church who have no comprehension of the dark forces they deal with and, of course, by an 'evil and adulterous generation' inside the church who so easily ignore the warnings from the God they profess to serve.

Alice Bailey and The Lucis Trust

2018 - The Seventh Parliament of the World's Religions In Toronto, Canada and The New Age Connection

Unity School of Christianity
Perhaps best known for its publication The Daily Word, Unity School of Christianity was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (1845–1931). In the organization's own words, "Unity teachings are based on universal spiritual principles that run like a thread through the world's religions". The first two 'spiritual principles they list are

    1) God is all there is, present everywhere, and absolute good."

    2) Human beings are created in the image of God and our very essence is divine; therefore, we are inherently good. [10]

In 1893 the Fillmores attended the first Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago, "where they were strongly influenced by Hindu philosopher Swami Vivekananda, who spoke of religious tolerance and universal acceptance." [11]

And nothing has changed in well over a century, The 2018 parliament in Toronto was attended by dozens of Unity ministers from all over the world as well as a number of high ranking Unity leaders, including Jim Blake, CEO, Unity Worldwide Headquarters, Rev. Donna Johnson who is the CEO of Unity Worldwide Ministries, Diane Ray the director of Unity Online Radio and Katy Koontz editor of Unity Magazine. [12]

 See  Unity School of Christianity: A classic new age cult that has the outward appearance of a Christian organization, but holds pantheistic or new age beliefs at its core.

Triangles, the Great Invocation, and The "divine Plan"

Triangles (mentioned above) is connected with the Lucis Trust and is

    ... a service activity, using the power of thought and of prayer to uplift and transform consciousness... Three people agree to link in thought each day. Using the Great Invocation, a world prayer, they visualize energies of light and goodwill circulating through the three focal points of their triangle, and pouring out through the network of triangles surrounding the planet. [13]

Their December 3, 2018 webinar featured Freda Kemp about whom they said (All Emphasis Added)

    Our guest speaker today, Freda Kemp, had the good fortune to attend the recent gathering of the Parliament of the World’s Religions that took place in Toronto, Canada last month, where she lives. Such conferences taking place around the world are bringing together myriads of individuals and groups that are in touch with an aspect of the divine Plan and thereby serving a significant role in expanding human consciousness. In the Bailey teachings these gatherings are viewed as linked with part of the preparatory work being undertaken in relation to the coming externalization of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend such gatherings knows how much takes place, both behind-the-scenes, as well as within the public arena. There is a co-mingling of auras that occurs, a coming together of like minds that establishes an atmosphere in which ideas can be sparked and through which spiritual energy can flow. [14]

Baptist Ministers, Mandalas and The goddess Kali
Carl Teichrib (Who?) attended the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto, Ontario. The web site of Lighthouse Trails Research Project has re-posted comments Carl made on his Face book page about his time there, including photos he took at the Parliament. The motto for the 2018 Parliament was "The Promise of Inclusion, the Power of Love." But as Carl Teichrib states, that love only extends to those who agree with them. [09]

One example Carl Teichrib gave of his experience there was that of

    A progressive Baptist minister, utilizing the Buddhist sand mandala technique, created an art piece of Kali – goddess of death and destruction – to express her hatred of the recently appointed Supreme Court judge, and those who confirmed him. Then, at the end of the week – with a group of religious progressives – they celebrated his hoped-for downfall with a dance-invocation to Kali.

A close up of the mandala can be seen on Carl Teichrib's Face book page HERE

I have absolutely no idea why or how anyone who calls themselves a Christian can in any shape, form, or fashion use an image of the goddess Kali to portray anything. For a Baptist minister to do so is a despicable anti-Christian act.

Christians in America
Somehow it is not that hard to see why organizations like the Parliament of World Religions finds so many supporters even among people who profess to be Christian.

Somewhere along the line in this country politics met religion in a face to face clash and won - hands down. In fact, there seems to be very little correlation between political conservatism and Christian conservatism. Anything and everything will be excused as long as the person's name is followed by the letter R. It doesn't even seem to matter that their views, lifestyle and actions are far removed from Biblical precepts.

It would be pure hypocrisy to say nothing of a betrayal of our Lord to pretend to adhere to Biblical principles all the while supporting and making excuses for supposedly Christian political figures who do anything but uphold Christian beliefs - except abortion. While there is no question that abortion is a huge and extremely important topic, just being anti-abortion DOES NOT make you a Christian. (See Section on Abortion) It take much, much more than that - it takes holiness and an obedience to God's commands (below).

One of the central themes running throughout Leviticus is God's call for His people to be a holy people and this didn't end with the Old

    "For I say to you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.  (Matthew 5:20 NASB)

    Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:  (Hebrews 12:14)

See Holiness And
All too many Christians today survive on a diet of Christian quotes, inspirational messages, daily doses of wisdom from Proverbs, and (probably out of context) 'uplifting' Bible verses, conveniently delivered by e-mail. Add to this a 15-20 minute sermon every Sunday, and the modern Christian is suffused with a warm glow of "spirituality". He basks in the fact that he has done what God expects of him. He is wrong, and could very well be dead wrong.

In this case, while one cannot know anything for sure, I am very doubtful that Kavanaugh was innocent of the accusations leveled at him. Besides which his demeanor and attitude at the senate hearing were disgraceful and nowhere near fitting for a Supreme Court Justice. Everything about him was a sharp contrast to the obviously intelligent, calm and ladylike woman making the accusations who, incidentally, passed a lie-detector test administered by a former FBI agent. [16] The hearing was not about truth or justice but politics.

Footnote I:
Carl Teichrib is a researcher, writer, and lecturer focusing on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including the challenges and opportunities faced by Christians. Over the years he has attended a range of internationally significant political, religious, and social events in his quest to understand the historical and contemporary forces of transformation – including the Parliament of the Worlds Religions, Burning Man, and the United Nations Millennium Forum. [http://www.gameofgods.ca/about-carl/] He is also editor of Forcing Change (www.forcingchange.org), a monthly journal documenting the world view challenges being faced in the Western World. [PLACE IN TEXT]

Footnote II: The Great Invocation
(Pay attention to the added underlining. Capitalization in original)

    First Stanza (1935):
    et the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.
    Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.
    May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of co-operation.
    May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.
    Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
    So let it be, and help us to do our part.

    Second Stanza (1940):
    Let the Lord of Liberation issue forth.
    Let Him bring succour to the sons of men.
    Let the Rider from the Secret Place come forth,
    And coming, save.
    Come forth, O Mighty One.

    Let the souls of men awaken to the Light,
    And may they stand with massed intent.
    Let the fiat of the Lord go forth:
    The end of woe has come!
    Come forth, O Mighty One.
    The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived.
    Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.

    Let Light and Love and Power and Death
    Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.
    The WILL to save is here.
    The LOVE to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.
    The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here.
    Come forth, O Mighty One, and blend these three.
    Construct a great defending wall.
    The rule of evil now must end.

    Third Stanza (April 1945):
    From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.
    From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
    From the centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. [18]


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