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The New Age Part V.

Our Extreme Gullibility
Or to put it another way - just how stupid can we get?

Carol Brooks

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Modern Man - Often Too Smart For His Own Good
For the simple reason that Satan himself can and does come disguised as an angel of light, centuries ago the Bible warned us not to have any truck with the spirit world, regardless of how benevolent it may appear to be ...

So what do we do?

Lay out the red carpet of course.

Why, the Bible is just a handful of old dusty pages that belong in the realm of myth and ancient imagination, therefore it has little or no relevance to our lives. It is out of touch with the modern world, therefore certainly cannot understand modern problems - much less the modern psyche.

But us?

We believe ourselves to be altogether too smart to fall for any form of subterfuge or duplicity. We are after all, on the cutting edge of a new world.. boldly going where no man has gone before... well equipped to fine tune our spirituality and raise the global consciousness of the planet. After all, we are well informed by ectoplasmic apparitions that show up on our doorstep one fine day, asking that we write a book (or two or three) for the uplifting of humanity. What a noble task we have been entrusted with (tongue firmly in cheek).

Certainly in the west, other than the information provided in the Scriptures, little was known about this so called 'great world leader' before people like Alice Bailey were approached by spooks that spouted great torrents of gobbledygook that passed itself off as "ancient wisdom".

Over the last few decades many people have been contacted (read - manipulated by) spirit guides, such as Alice Bailey's sidekick Djwhal Khul, David Spangler's spirit friend John, Barbara Marx Hubbard's ectoplasmic pal who, I believe, called himself Jesus, Seth - Jane Roberts' guide, Orin - Sanaya Roman's " wise and gentle spirit teacher", and Neale Donald Walsch's guide - whatever his name might be.  See Channelling

No Proof Or Evidence Asked For, And None Received.
These spirit guides believed to be "Ascended Masters", the "Masters of Wisdom, the "Hierarchy of Light" etc. have indulged in philosophical exchanges, or communicated their messages, which have been duly written down by their compliant minions, and then presented to the world as "truth". This done without one ounce of evidence that the spirit guide was who he claimed to be, or that his message could, in any way, be trusted.

It is accepted that these spirits are who they claim to be, and that the particulars they provide are unreservedly true. They speak... and human beings fall over like ninepins, rushing to embrace whatever "wisdom" is being put forth. Why bother with little things like credentials? Why bother to entertain the possibility that this wraith might actually be lying? He calls himself Jesus, Maitreya, Seth, or Djwhal Khul so, by golly, that is who he must be.

Note: Not by any stretch of the imagination can Barbara Marx Hubbard be placed in the same category as the gypsy in a tent crouched over her crystal ball. "In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket. She also co-designed three major Soviet-American citizen summits during the 1980s. Hubbard graduated cum laude from Bryn Mawr College with a B.A in Political Science. She also studied at L’Ecole des Sciences Politiques and the Sorbonne in Paris." [31]

Yet intelligence and ability seem not necessarily to go hand in hand with common sense. She, like so many others believed, without any apparent reservation or question, what was told her by a "presence" or "inner voice" and, like so many others, continues to attempt to shape the world according to the scenario these beings paint and the instructions they issue.

This is spite of the fact that, from the very camp that endorses every form of lunacy came one warning that has, apparently, been completely ignored...

    "When spirits begin to speak with a man, he must beware lest he believe them in anything; for they say almost anything; things are fabricated by them, and they lie; ... they would tell so many lies and indeed with solemn affirmation that a man would be astonished...if a man listens and believes they press on, and deceive, and seduce in divers ways... They induce so strong a persuasion that it is the Lord Himself who speaks and who commands, that man cannot but believe and obey". [32]

Also See What Eastern Gurus Say About Occult Practices

"Quality" of The Messages?
Benjamin Creme says he leaves it "to a study of the quality of the Messages themselves to convince or otherwise". [33]

Someone tell me he is joking! 

There is no "quality" in these messages, leave along one single bit of evidence that they are true. For example, why haven't these 'Masters of Wisdom" made a single definite prophecy that has actually been fulfilled? Wouldn't fulfilled prophecy be one of the best ways to establish the authenticity and validity of the claims made... that the speaker can indeed tell us what is going to happen?  

They haven't simply because they are not omnipotent and cannot see the future. Only God can do that. So they have sought to cover the duplicity of their claims with streams of elaborate, even tortuous blather. But then, there may be a method to their madness. It certainly seems that the more convoluted the language, the more people go Ooh! And Ah!, The more enigmatic (read ridiculous) the principle, the more impressed they are with the 'wisdom' of the speaker. Seemingly all a person has to do is come up with a lot of profound sounding statements, and thousands, who have checked their brains in at the door, will follow them anywhere. 

See God And His Bible
What is truly interesting is that most people seem to be prejudiced against the Bible, but well disposed towards other 'scriptures'. In fact, if you quote the Bible, it is quite likely that you will hear something like "everyone knows the Bible is full of errors and contradictions". However if you were to appeal to... say... the writings of Buddha, you would probably be viewed as a wise, or even enlightened, person. This is a rather illogical situation, because there is far more evidence in favor of the Bible being true, than there is for any of the other 'holy books' like the Qur‒an, the Bhagavad-Gita, the writings of Confucius, or the Book of Mormon. This evidence includes its humanly impossible authorship, its candor about the faults and failings of it's main characters, its fulfilled prophecy, and its archaeological and scientific
accuracy... none of which are seen in the books of other religions.

When the simple God given gifts of rationality, logic, and thought are thrown out of the proverbial window and we allow our mind to become a blank canvas, it becomes fertile ground for powerful spiritual beings to plant in it whatever they wish - the meaning of the Scriptural texts carefully manipulated to give credence to their ideas and plans.

And they call Christians fools? Seems to me the boot is on the other foot.

Combine this with the feelings of peace, or' other worldliness' that people often feel when they meditate etc, seems to bolster the claim that they are awakening their consciousness and/or getting closer to God. Sadly, for them, these feeling are caused by the Alpha State, which is the first of a series of stages the brain goes through when we are falling asleep, or when the brain is lulled into a more 'relaxed' state. This can even occur when driving, or listening to certain musical compositions... a certain tempo or beat has something to do with it.

See Contemplative Prayer Part III - Alpha, What it Is and Its Connection With Spiritual Experiences

Barbara Marx Hubbard also says

    "... she returned to the New Testament and "experienced it as a coded evolution. " when we read it from the perspective of what we are becoming, we can see the story of Jesus prefigured our own future. The virgin birth, the miracles, the death of this body, the emergence of a new body  sensitive to thought - is this not what may be possible as we put together our full capacities? [34]

After all, how can the down to earth, simple reasons the Bible gives for the life and death of Jesus Christ compare with seeing the New Testament as this mysterious "coded evolution" which, of course, it took one woman in the 21st century to figure out. I guess virtually everyone else in the last two thousand years, some of whom gave their lives to studying the Scriptures, must have been extremely deficient in the gray matter department.

Which is a much of a load of crock as anything I have ever heard.

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End Notes. Part V
Unless Otherwise Stated, All URLs were accessed in February 2018.

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 The New Age Part V
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