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001orange Please Read Before You Write

I Am A Woman: Emails addressed to a “Brother In Christ”, or a “Mighty Man of God” are actually quite amusing because I am very definitely female.

Time Constraints:   InPlainSite.org is a full time job and I already spend way too much time on my computer. I have continuously pleaded that there are not enough hours in the day for me to get into long debates. If I did so, I would have to give up working on the site - and probably eating and sleeping as well. But because this has been steadfastly ignored, I have been forced to limit the length of the messages I receive.

You Disagree or Are ‘Offended’ : You are perfectly entitled to disagree with anything and everything on this site. However just because your opinion differs from mine does not make me “incredibly ignorant” as I have been called. If something on this site ‘offends’ you, click the little red x box in the upper right hand corner of the page and watch the offense disappear. It really is that simple.

Subscription to Monthly Update:  Since there is little point in subscribing to a site you do not agree with, please read my Statement of Faith first. Unlike most generic statements of faith that can conceal as much as they disclose, this one is VERY specific.

Factual Mistakes/Improper or Missing Accreditation:   If there is a factual mistake on the site or an article/graphic/quote that has not been properly credited, please try and remember that I am not trying to ‘steal your work’ not present wrong information. I am human and mistakes/oversights do occur. Please contact me and I will rectify the problem immediately.

001orange  This is an 800+ page site, so please include the exact URL if you are referring to a particular article,


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