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Evolution Vs. Creation.

Remember, true science deals with facts -- observable, testable, reproducible under controlled conditions. The origin of things is not observable, not testable, not reproducible. This places the question of origins outside of science. (How To Handle Evolution by J. W. Jepson, D.Min.)

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Introduction: The book of Genesis states that all life on earth, including Adam and Eve, came into being by the hand of God in six days. If the Bible's claims regarding the origin of the universe are in error, people have a reasonable basis for being skeptical of the Bible's other claims. The gravest problem arises because the account of how sin entered our world is found in the earliest chapters of the book of Genesis. If the opening chapters of the Bible are false, why should anybody seriously consider what it teaches about sin and, by extension, salvation?

However, most people assume that the debate over evolution is about science versus the Bible. Nothing could be further from the truth. The debate is whether or not science itself supports the theory of evolution.

Many people claim to believe in evolution because they have always been taught that science has proved it to be a fact. Again, nothing could be further from the truth - on both counts. Most people, if they think about it at all, do not really believe they came from a fish, and science has never even come close to proving evolution.  The problem here is two-fold. All the tiny bits and pieces of so-called evidence have to be somehow made into this gigantic and unassailable tower called Evolution, in order to exclude even the possibility of intelligent design.


Because another name for intelligent design is God.

In recent years, more and more scientists, after re-examining the validity of Darwinian evolution, have become convinced of its fallacy. Over 700 scientists worldwide have signed a statement of scientific dissent from Darwinism. See THIS web site for the statement and the list of signers.


From Goo To You

 The History Channel’s Ape to Man ... Tales They Will Tell
From the recounting narrated in this production, one would assume that director Nic Young and his crew simply walked back in time with their cameras, and taped remarkable footage of these alleged ape-like creatures. The make-up, scenery, and storytelling are superb. But how many young people will recognize it as simply that... story-telling. From a scientific viewpoint, exactly how much can one tell from fossilized bones?

Human Fossils
Reading Time, Newsweek, and National Geographic convinces most people that humans evolved from ape- like ancestors. However, a now well-known poll indicates that 47% of adults in the United States, almost half, believe humans were created only 10,000 years ago and that only 9%, less than 1 in 10, believe humans are the result of an evolutionary process in which God played no part. So who's fooling whom? I want to take a brief look at the evidence for human evolution. This is an engrossing topic with some surprising answers.

Molecule to Man
For almost a hundred of those years it’s been drummed into the public consciousness that we are little more than evolved apes with the ability to think and walk upright. But these brilliant scholars don’t even know at this advanced date when and how life arose, or in what form, much less whether it had a power to reproduce and a need to evolve! In other words, the origin of species remains a mystery. Take for example the New Darwinist’s much repeated opinion that at some point in the distant past, inert, lifeless matter turned itself into a living organism of some kind from which all others have evolved. Can you imagine that? Dead lifeless matter coming to life? On its own? All by itself? It’s just insane.

 Instantaneous Transition From Non-Life to Life
If evolution is true, then this transition must have happened one time in the past, and it would have taken place in an instant, not millions of years.

The Basics Explained

Evolution .. The Greatest Act Of Faith Of All Time
The influence of evolutionary theory on fields far removed from biology is one of the most spectacular examples in history of how a highly speculative idea for which there is really no hard scientific evidence can come to fashion the thinking of a whole society and dominate the outlook of any age... (Denton, Evolution: a Theory in Crisis, p358). (Less Detailed)

Creation Vs. Evolution ... Fifty Reasons Why Evolution Will Not Fly
Creationism is not opposed to legitimate scientific inquiry! In fact, the biblical mandate to "subdue" the earth (Genesis 1:28) requires us to understand the physical processes at work in the universe, which is the general purpose of science. At the beginning of this new millennium, two opposing belief systems are being offered as valid descriptions of scientific evidence. This article outlines 50 types of evidence contrary to Naturalism, or macro-evolution. Examine the data yourself and arrive at your own conclusion. (More Detailed)

Refuting Boneheaded Arguments In Favour of Evolution

Was Darwin Wrong?
The cover of the November 2004 issue of National Geographic asks the question, "Was Darwin wrong?", which they answer with the boldfaced words, "NO. The evidence for Evolution is overwhelming." However five lines of evidence presented in the article aren't as indisputable as the reader is led to believe. Let us critically evaluate each of these five lines of evidence (embryology, biogeography, morphology, paleontology, and bacterial resistance to antibiotics) and see what, if anything, we can conclude from them.

Origin by Random Chance or Master Plan
Could random natural selection keep hitting upon the same solution in terribly complex structures, or is an intelligent designer using the same blueprint where it is appropriate a better answer?

Icons of Evolution
The more popular evidences and examples of evolution nearly all textbooks have been using for decades include the Peppered Moth story of natural selection, Darwins Finches as an example of adaptive speciation, and the Tree of Life with its implied common ancestor to all life forms. However these icons have been meticulously exposed to be false, fraudulent or at best, misleading.

The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory
The growing crisis in Darwinian theory is becoming more apparent all the time. The work of creationists and other non-Darwinians is growing and finding a more receptive ear than ever before. In this discussion I want to elaborate on what I believe are the five critical areas where Darwinism and evolutionary theory in general are failing.

The Laws Against Evolution

The Radiometric Dating Deception
What exactly is wrong with radiometric dating? How can we explain the fact that these dating methods do, in fact, yield dates in the hundreds of millions of years? Why is it that so many museums and textbooks confidently give ages for fossils in the hundreds of millions of years?

There Ought to be A Law Against Evolution
(And there is... The second law of thermodynamics. The whole notion that random change over a long period of time can transform simple systems into ever more complex systems runs precisely contrary to this law, one of the most fundamental laws of nature.

The Mathematical Impossibility of the Theory of Evolution
NASA scientists believe that the smallest number of parts possible in an organism considered to be living is 400, which must be in the correct order. Even when we work at the staggering rate of one billion trials per second throughout the whole universe for a period of 300 billion years, we can only achieve 5x10^105 combinations. That is well short of the 788x10372 combinations needed to be sure that we can arrive at the correct combination to start our very simple form of life. In fact, impossibly simple at just 200 pieces.

Complexities Galore

Darwins Black Box
 Simply put, Behe, a reputable scientist from a reputable institution has found a complex organ, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications.

Anthropic Principles
Scientists are now finding that the universe in which we live is like a diamond studded Rolex, except the universe is even more precisely designed than the watch. In fact, the universe is specifically tweaked to enable life on earth. A planet with scores of improbable and interdependent life- supporting conditions that make it a tiny oasis in a vast and hostile universe. The extent of the universe’s fine-tuning makes the Anthropic Principle perhaps the most powerful argument for the existence of God.

Evolution of the Digestive System?—I Can’t Swallow That
If the human digestive system were compared to a building, where energy is needed to provide heat and light, and plumbing is needed to provide water and to dispose of waste, it would require experienced engineers, master electricians, skilled carpenters, and well-trained plumbers... all working from the same set of blueprints to construct a functional building. Although the human digestive system is infinitely more complex, we are asked to believe it is simply the product of evolution.

Vestigial Organs?
The standard definition of ‘vestigial’ is an organ that once was useful in an animal’s evolutionary past, but that now is useless or very close to useless. The list of vestigial organs in humans has shrunk from 180 in 1890 to 0 in 1999. Evidently to salvage this once-critical support for evolution, a new revisionistic definition of a vestigial structure is now sometimes used.

Animals and Birds

Where Did the First Birds Come From?
Darwin said "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." Here are two of several features of birds that have presented enough difficulty to meet Darwin's challenge.

Animals That Prove Creation
There are many animals existing today that totally defies evolution by their very existence. This chapter will give examples of some of these animals and explain the problems they give the theory of evolution.

Natural Selection
 Is often referred to as 'survival of the fittest' or, more recently, 'reproduction of the fittest'. Many people are confused about it, thinking that evidence for natural selection is automatically evidence for the idea that molecules turned into microbes, which became millipedes, magnolias and managing directors.

Dragons and Dinosaurs

Walking Amidst The Dinosaurs
Contrary to popular opinion, dinosaurs do not present a problem for creationists. In fact, quite the opposite is true. It is evolutionists who have a problem. While they continue to maintain that ‘no man ever existed in the age of the reptiles’, the evidence documents exactly the opposite.

Ancient Dinosaur Depictions in Stone
From ancient art on Mesopotamian cylinder seals, Cave walls, Pottery, Egyptian Seal, Roman Mosaics and Rock Drawings to Iron Sculptures, Clay Figurines, Saxon Shields, and Tomb Engravings. The evidence (spanning thousands of years) is hard to ignore.. People did see and Draw Dinosaurs.

Historical Support for the Coexistence of Dinosaurs and Humans
What real animals prompted dragon legends? What rational explanation exists for the multitude of dragon legends around the world? Why did people in different places and times, separated by thousands of miles, all come up with stories of giant reptiles that sound more like extinct dinosaurs than any other animal on Earth? Why are descriptions of dinosaur-like aquatic, aerial, and terrestrial animals given in reputable, historical writings, including the Bible? Why does history record the existence of large reptilian creatures with serpentine necks, elongated bodies, enormous tails, hard skin, stout legs, spiked backs, knobby heads, terrible teeth, snake-like tongues, horned or crested heads, sharp claws, and membranous wings? Why are the physical characteristics of many dragons so similar to the anatomy of various dinosaurs? Is all of this just a coincidence?

The Age of The Earth

Evidence For A Young World
Here are a dozen natural phenomena which conflict with the evolutionary idea that the universe is billions of years old. Much more young-world evidence exists, but I have chosen these items for brevity and simplicity. Some of the items on this list can be reconciled with an old universe only by making a series of improbable and unproven assumptions; others can fit in only with a young universe.

Scientific Evidence Disproves Evolution Theory
If several factors limit the earth's age to a few thousand years, the earth cannot be older than a few thousand years! Even if a few indicators seem to show a greater age for the earth, it takes only ONE fact to prove the earth is young.

Evolution’s Big Bang
By concentrating on explaining the minutiae, naturalistic thinkers often miss the clear possibility of intelligent design precisely because they don't expect to find any.

Scientists and Creationism

Darwinism Discredited By Real Scientists
Too many Christians, when confronted with the argument that real scientists support Darwin’s conclusions, throw in the towel for lack of knowledge. Huse’s list of pioneering, Bible-believing scientists comes to their aid. It’s comprehensive, historically reliable, and demands wide distribution.

Is It Possible To be A Scientist And A Christian?
Quotes by famous scientists.

And Finally

The Holocaust Wish
Believe that man is no more than an evolved bacteria? .. Well Here is The Next step. At the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, Dr. Eric Pianka insisted the Earth would not be able to sustain life without drastic measures. He proposed the only solution was to eliminate most of the world’s population and suggested airborne Ebola, which it is both highly lethal and  kills in days, instead of years. He also received a standing ovation.



  Recommended Reading

I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist
by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek

While it is true that, all too often, no amount of evidence seems to be sufficient to convert an unbeliever to belief. But what Norman Geisler and Frank Turek have done in this book should disturb anyone claiming to be an atheist.. perhaps enough to persuade them to begin a search for the God who has been there all along.”  Cal Thomas (Syndicated columnist and host of After Hours)


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