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Lifestyles of Wealthy Celebrity Pastors And Their Self Serving Shallow Theology

Ch 6. Jordan and Jordan. Rev. Run 

By Carol Brooks



Chapter 1: The Investigation: Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer and Eddie Long|
Chapter 2: Joel Osteen, Steven Furtick
Chapter 3: Ed Young, Kevin Gerald, Joseph Prince
Chapter 4: T.D. Jakes, John Hagee, Fred Price, Jesse Duplantis, Juanita Bynum
Chapter 5: Franklin Graham, Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald, Wendy and Casey Treat
Chapter 6: Jordan and Jordan. Rev. Run
Chapter 7: Others - Here and Abroad
Chapter 8: Conclusion - Where Did The Idea That Ministers Should Live Modestly Come From?
 What Should Pastors Make And Should His Salary Be Kept From His Congregation? And more


"Bishop" Elijah Bernard Jordan"Prophet" Manasseh JordanJoseph Simmons aka Rev. Run

Jordan and Jordan

"Bishop" Elijah Bernard Jordan
Who He Says He Is

'Bishop' Elijah Bernard Jordan is founder and Senior Pastor of Zoe Ministries, New York, NY. He is said to have a Ph.D. in religious studies and written more than 40 or 50 books. His web site (ridiculously called yourpersonalprophecy.com) says it is

A thriving prophetic church with a vision to impact the world with the gospel, Zoe continued to develop the facets of ministry under Bishop Jordan's leadership that marked it as a church in pursuit of destiny; called to fulfill the will of the Lord. Armed with a vision of a church resplendent in a glory greater than of Solomon's Temple, Bishop Jordan has been building a ministry of restoration that would accurately reflect the Biblical pattern, tearing down the constraints of traditionalism and exposing the lies that have led the church into captivity...

    As a prophet, he can truly decree a thing and see it established - just like the prophets of the Scriptures! He is not one just to give information, but he is also known to create miracles and circumvent events merely by the power of his speech! [01]

A rather badly written 'about' page on the Zoe ministries web site says (All Emphasis Added)

    The teachings of Bishop Jordan provide God's divine laws of living a health and prosperous life, in business, family and spirituality. It is in the heart of the Master Prophet to see the people of God successful in every way. As Bishop Jordan has traveled to Swaziland and South Africa he has delivered the word of the Lord to Kings, Queens and Royal family. The Master Prophet has prophesied to many nation bringing the Lord's wise counsel to the masses and liberating nations in the process.

    Upon his consecration in 1994 as a cabinet Bishop by his Eminence, Archbishop Roy E. Brown, Bishop Jordan continues to emerge as a leader among leaders, bringing hundreds of pastors into a new awareness of their destiny through motivational teachings and The Word of the Lord. Bishop Jordan has risen as a spiritual innovator, taking the church into a new Era. [02]

Liberating Nations?

The only thing that comes through from the above descriptions is the astounding ego of the man. Incidentally, The Zoe Ministries website opens with an invitation to "SIGN UP AND GET A FREE PROPHECY" (As far as I know ALL the prophecies made in Scripture were free, or did I miss the part where Isaiah charged king Hezekiah?).

That he is not a Christian minister is evident by the fact that his first web site states that he

    is a modern-day prophet whose ministry is absolutely astounding! Like Nostradamus, Bishop Pike, and Edgar Cayce, the accuracy of the gift that operates in Bishop Jordan will astound you!  [03]

It is exceedingly difficult to have anything but contempt for a so called Christian minister who compares himself with Nostradamus - a sixteenth century dabbler in the occult. Bishop Pike was a chain-smoker and an alcoholic who vigorously pursued occult methods of contacting his deceased son who had taken his own life. His experiences were related in his book The Other Side An Account of My Experience with Psychic Phenomena.

The Laws of Prosperity
In reality, Bernard Jordan is just another wolf running loose among the flock. He not only teaches the Word Faith doctrine but, like Benny Hinn, has a hugely exaggerated sense of his own importance.

The teaching that believers are to confess rather than to pray for things is not found anywhere in the Bible but, much to the contrary, has its roots firmly embedded in the occult. The non-believing world claims that there are spiritual 'laws' that people can learn to use on their own behalf. These laws, that work for anyone regardless of their religious beliefs (or even lack of), might be called by different names by each camp, but both sides use exactly the same techniques.

See The Prosperity Gospel and The Word of Faith Movement

Word-Faith teachers may or may not be aware of the link with the occult. However, Jordan has certainly tied the two together. In fact, about the only thing that distinguishes him from most of the others is the fact that, in his book The Laws of Prosperity, he openly acknowledges the inclusion of ideas and thoughts not only from finance and business leaders including Steve Forbes and Alan Greenspan, but also

    "brilliant ideas from New Thought leaders such as John Shelby Spong and Marianne Williamson. [04]

People whose wisdom he says we cannot ignore.

Marianne Williamson is a new Age leader and author of A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. In 2008, Marianne Williamson began teaching the 365 lessons from the New Age Bible, A Course in Miracles, on Oprah's XM Satellite Radio. Page 147 of the Course Text teaches that we are "God": "The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself." Note: A Course in Miracles was dictated by spiritual entities to an an atheistic psychologist named Helen Schucman. See A Course in Miracles

Bishop Spong, former Anglican bishop, claims there are passages in the Gospels that portray Jesus as "narrow-minded, vindictive, and even hypocritical. He rejects the biblical proposition that Jesus was conceived in the body of a virgin. He does not believe Christ performed miracles, or that he possessed the very nature of deity. He repudiates the unshakable truth that the Lord was raised from the dead. For More Information, See Article on Christian Courier HERE.

    Note: Although he pretends all his ideas are original, Joel Osteen is also well aware of the occult connection. In his book 'Your Best Life Now' has even borrow Napoleon Hill's hallmark phrase also used by Norman Vincent Peale. See Joel Osteen - The Blind Leading The Blind - Chapter VI of The Prosperity and Word of Faith Doctrines HERE

One thing that struck me is that Jordan apparently doesn't read his own writings or at least doesn't take them to heart. In the chapter The Laws of Clarity (on Pg. 18 I believe) he lists self-delusion as being the root of misfortune. He certainly got that one right. In fact, it is well worth reading virtually everything he writes on self-delusion in that chapter  - and then applying it to his teachings.

Jordan's Book - The Law of Thinking
Why is
The Law of Thinking important? Simply because it was not only a New York Times best seller, but has a 96% four and five star rating on Amazon. 

Jordan pretty much begins writing by asking "Who are you?" And answers the question by saying

    You may have thought you knew the answer to that question but you probably did not. Don't tell me your name; that is what you are called, not who you are. Until you know who you are, you will not understand where you belong. Once you know who you are, it will become abundantly clear why you are here on earth, in your body, at this time. [05]

He then goes on to relate Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush when God instructed Moses to tell the Israelites that I AM had sent him. Jordan says

    In those two words, "I AM," reside the wholeness of your true nature. God placed you in this world not to wait around for Him to put things in your hands, but for you to declare. "I am" yourself! When you state "I Am," you declare not just who you are, but what your purpose is. They are one and the same...

And adds "WHEN YOU DECLARE "I AM." YOU BECOME GOD". [06]. (Capitalization in original)

He then goes on to say that "ignorant minds" will call that statement blasphemy only because they do not understand the relationship between God and man. Because we were created in God's image everything that exists in Him also exists in us and "nothing in man that does not exist in God".

    You being god is not such a far fetched idea because after all "man is the only creature with the power to create and shape his world, to bring things into being by first thinking them in to being (because all things begin in the mind) and then working to manifest them into physical reality"...

    When you state "I AM." you inherit the same power to make your thoughts manifest in this reality...

Sadly, Jordan (and quite a few others like him) want us to believe that when God declared Himself to be "I Am", it was an open invitation to humans to do the same. There is absolutely no basis for this assumption. When God said "I AM that I AM", His words His words expressed his nature - there was never a time when He did not exist, or a time when He will cease to exist.

They were meant to inspire confidence not only in the people He intended to save, but in Moses himself. Just a few verses earlier Moses had asked " "Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?"  God was simply telling Moses that it didn't matter who Moses was but Who was going with him to Egypt - the  eternal, independent and unchangeable God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

A couple of pages later Jordan states that

    "this goes against many traditions that insist that God is angry, punitive and always seeking a reason to cast man into hell." .... That's absurd. If you are a reflection of everything that exists in God, why would He cast rage and retribution at Himself? Why would He damn himself. Learning the Laws of Thinking turns many traditional Christian teachings on their heads and reveals them for what they really are: methods of controlling fearful, small-minded people. [07]

Since it is apparent that Jordan is speaking about Christianity, one can only sit back and shake one's head at his shocking Biblical ignorance. See The Message of The Bible

Context, Context, Context

Like most other false teachers, Jordan never learned the meaning and importance of reading and understanding verses IN THEIR CONTEXT.  See Context is Crucial.

Proverbs 23:7
In an interview with Belief.net [09], Jordan was asked if there were ways in which he differed from the message of "The Secret".

In response, Jordan said,   

    I believe "The Secret" has a message that is very impacting, and it brings people in on the ground level. But what "The Laws of Thinking" does, it put a lot of scriptures around it. God is all through it. The Bible says, in Proverbs 23:7, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. So, you are your thoughts. That is the law of attraction. I dont see it as something thats New Age. I see it as something that is biblical.

However, doing what false teachers usually do, he only quotes part of Proverbs 23:7. Reading the verse in context makes it very clear that it the Bible is not saying you are your thoughts. It is warning not to be taken in by the hypocrisy of a covetous man, because he may seem very hospitable telling you to eat and drink, but his real character is in what he thinks within himself and his heart is not with you. Youa re not really welcome.

    Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, Or desire his delicacies; For as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, "Eat and drink!" But his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten, And waste your compliments. (Proverbs 23:6-8 NASB)

Psalm 82:6 and Exodus 7:1,
One other question Jordan was asked was

    You basically say that each person has divine power to create what they desire in the world, and that when that power switches on, "You become God." Do you think that's the core message of the Bible or of Jesus?

Jordan's answer   

    Most definitely. In Psalms 82:6, the Bible says, "I have said ye are gods. And all of you are children of the Most High." In Exodus 7:1, God said unto Moses, "See, I have made you a god unto Pharaoh. And so, before Moses could even be a deliverer of the children of Israel, he had to know himself that he was a god.

In order to correctly understand exactly what the Lord was saying, one has to thoroughly understand two Hebrew words - lhym and shphat. Although the vast majority of the over 2500 occurrences of lhym in the Old Testament refer to Yahweh - God Almighty, it is also used in reference to pagan, so-called "gods". And it certainly seems that the only humans to be called lhym were God's representatives on earth which Moses was.

The corrupt leaders of Israel (Psalm 82:6) were also His representatives. But they had failed to act properly on the Father's behalf and Psalm 82:6 was actually a warning to them. Jordan very conveniently left out the very next words (underlined) - "And all of you are sons of the Most High. Nevertheless you will die like men and fall like any one of the princes."

Jordan, displaying an abysmal lack of Bible knowledge, added "So even Jesus came preaching, "Ye are gods" (John 10:34).

But there is a lot more to John 10 and Jesus' reference to Psalm 82:6 than first meets the eye. The ninth and tenth chapters of the Gospel of John form one continuous and uninterrupted story - all of which Jordan missed completely. See The Deification Of Man?

Jordan and Hindu Pundits
On a trip to India some years ago, Jordan prayed with Hindu pundits, participated in Hindu rites and seemed quite happy to be photographed with tTele-Jordan India  Idolshem. Also see the Youtube video entitled "Discover INDIA Through The Eyes of The Master Prophet Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan" HERE.

Association with the so called Hindu holy men  is possibly how He came with the idea of

The Seven Chakras - The Seven Churches Within You?
Jordan also says (Pg.51) that we can cultivate aspects of our spiritual self that are the variousTele-Jordan India 1 entry points of God into you. He adds that

    "these go by various names, but in the Hindu faith they are called chakras - energy centers for your body, focus point where the energy of Spirit both enters and leaves your body.

He likens them the the "seven churches within you each holding a different aspect of the Mystery of God." Except that the exactly phrase "mystery of God" is only found once in the Scriptures - in Tele-Jordan India 2Revelation 10:7

    but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, then the mystery of God is finished, as He preached to His servants the prophets. See More HERE

And, perhaps at this point you would like to read Chakras, Kundalini, and The Ancient Hindu Custom of Shaktipat HERE

It is positively sickening to see Christian ministers cavorting with Hindu priests, and even learning from them. But eventually Jordan is no worse than the Catholic priests who did exactly the same thing - Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Brennan Manning, and Thomas Keating for example. No, their very dangerous practices didn't come from any desert fathers. See Chapter VII of Contemplative Prayer on THIS Page.

People have to be really dense to read verses like the one below (and the many more like it) and not understand how much the Lord is against false gods and man-made idols -

    "You shall tear down their altars and smash their sacred pillars and burn their Asherim with fire, and you shall cut down the engraved images of their gods and obliterate their name from that place." (Deuteronomy 12:3)

Doesn't Ephesians 5:11 says, "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." 

Wealth - Tuxedo Park
As said by the Times Herald-Record, at the time of writing (2003) Jordan who grew up in a three-bedroom apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, lived in a $3.6 million, 27-room mansion in Frelinghuysen estate in Tuxedo Park, the gated community of multimillion-dollar manor homes nestled in the wooded hills of southeastern Orange County. [.]

Tuxedo Park is a village within the southern part of the Town of Tuxedo, in Orange County, New York is Tuxedo Park is  listed on the National Register of Historic Places in recognition of its historical and architectural significance. It is 

    Originally developed as a resort for Blue Blood society in 1885, the owner, Peter Lorillard, heir to the Lorillard Tobacco Company organized the Tuxedo Club and the Tuxedo Park Association, as a hunting and fishing preserve, and surrounded the property with a high game fence, which still fairly accurately marks the boundaries of the present day community. The Tuxedo Park's web site says "This elegant gated community's idyllic existence has changed little in its quality of life. Situated within 2,500 acres, you still drive through the imposing stone Gates to the magnificent houses nestled around three beautiful lakes. [11]

In fact, the distinctive and very formal man's dinner jacket called a "Tuxedo" was first worn at the annual Autumn Ball of the Tuxedo Club by a relation of Pierre Lorillard IV who owned and developed the land.

    Augustus Juilliard whose philanthropy built the renowned conservatory of dance, music, and theatre in New York City that bears his name.. In fact, Juilliard bought the house from William Waldorf Astor who, in 1890, was the richest man in America

    Stanley Baldwin, son of the Prime Minister of England and Rudyard Kipling's cousin once owned Pheasant Ridge, also called "The Japanese Cottage". [12]

    Adele Colgate heir to the Colgate/Palmolive fortune 13]

    The banker J.P. Morgan, writer Mark Twain, and interior designer Dorothy Draper also lived here. [14]

      Note: Dorothy Draper's great-grandfather, Oliver Wolcott, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Her husband, Dr. George Draper, was the personal doctor to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt after he was diagnosed with polio, and she and Eleanor Roosevelt were good friends growing up

Jordan's Stamp on Tuxedo Park

    "The house, which sits on 5 1/2 acres, has nine bedrooms and five baths, a marble rotunda and entrance hall, a "baronial" living room and banquet dining room, a music room, hand carved plaster moldings and sweeping views of the parkland and lakes that surround it, according to real estate listings". [15]

While that may be bad enough, what Jordan did when he moved in takes the proverbial cake. 

After moving in, the bishop commissioned a team of Russian artists to paint elaborate art work on the walls and ceilings of the first floor, a job that took twoTele-Jordan_Sons to three years.

Egyptian-themed murals cover the walls of the great room: ancient Egyptians hunting, fishing, moving a sarcophagus. One shows Jordan on a throne, as pharaoh. Nearby, in a room with scarlet walls and gilded filigree on top, there is a ceiling painting of Jordan on a throne as God with his three sons hovering around him as angels. (left)

None of this quite compared to the living room.

Here, the four walls are covered with murals depicting New Testament scenes, each with JordanTele-Jordan_Birth as Jesus in the familiar iconography of medieval and Renaissance art. Two scenes show the Ascension: Jesus/Jordan ascending into heaven after rising from the dead. For a Nativity scene, the artists used Jordan's baby picture to depict Jesus/Jordan in the manger. (right)

Tele-Jordan_MuralDozens of people in biblical garb crowd around Jesus/Jordan in each scene. For each figure, the artists reproduced from photos the faces of the 200 or so people who paid for the $1 million renovation of the mansion. Run, who bought the huge chandelier hanging in the center of the room, is there in the crowd. So is Sharpton. (left)

    "These are the people who believed in what we're doing," Jordan says. "This is our way of saying thank you to them and immortalizing them."

Apparently, being depicted as Jesus doesn't make Jordan uncomfortable.

    "It's not really me," he says. "It's me as the principle of Christ. We teach everyone that they are Christ."

A more recent article in the ''Daily News" says

    the house has been sold, apparently in no small part due to Tuxedo Park officials "inexplicably" cancelling" the partial property tax exemption on the mansion, that combined with a monthly mortgage payment of $9,000, has pushed the annual cost of keeping the house to more than $200,000.

The New York Daily News article goes on to say

    The Jordan family's new home in Saddle River, N.J., has more than twice the square footage. Technically in the name of a limited liability corporation, it cost $3.9 million when purchased in 2005, but the taxes are a fraction of what Jordan paid in Tuxedo Park. They were $36,783 in 2015, according to the town's tax collector, and the house has never had any tax exemption. [16]

And Where Does All This Money Come From?
The story is no different from any of the others. At some meetings, Jordan encourages congregants to make pledges of as much as $10,000 and sometimes more. Those wishing to attend the three-day conference have to pay $600 each, according to the church website.

Jordan also has a presence on the internet where he offers to teach people how to get rich. He sells a book called "The Business of Getting Rich" that is the basis for his course and he charges $365 for people to get "guidance" about "what God wants."

A financial accounting filed in Manhattan Supreme Court with papers relating to the house sale show that Zoe Ministries in recent years has had total assets of more than $11 million, most of it wrapped up in three houses and $747,118 worth of "transportation."

The accounting, prepared by Jordan's wife Debra, who is church treasurer, estimates that "offerings" from believers amount to more than $5 million in income. [17]

At the "consecration" of probably yet another self styled, self proclaimed "prophetess" he invited church members to raise their purses to the heavens, then open them and speak into the empty wallets, "Shift is happening. However, in order to see the shift, an offering should be made, and $50 would work very well. In his words "Bring your best seed and come and lay it at the altar. Apparently "God doesn't count how much you give, He counts how much you have left over". He also reminded them that "God loves a cheerful giver!" and mindlessly repeating the word "jubilee" over and over again. SEE

Business of Getting Rich Tele-Jordan_Business
For just $352.00, you could get a Business of Getting Rich book, CD set, and a one on one call from one of the members of "The Company of Prophets".

Oh you can buy just the book on Amazon for considerably less - A Hardcover for $5.89 last I looked

Prophetic Awareness Soap
Not so many years ago, Jordan's site sold soap. And for those who persisted in the outdated idea that soap was merely for cleaning, his Prophetic Awareness Soap containing Saponified Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive, Lemongrass Essential Oil and Rosemary Extract was meant to "bring protection and give you a greater ability to function with greater intuition and insight". [18]

End Notes - 'Bishop' Elijah Bernard Jordan
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"Prophet" Manasseh Jordan - Like Father Like Son
Bernard Johnson's son Manasseh whose real name is Yakim, was mentored by none other than Benny Hinn. He has learned well both from HinnTele-Manasseh Jordan and his father, following closely in their footsteps. He claims to have

    the unique ability to motivate people to move beyond mediocrity and embrace excellence and wholeness in their lives. Through his keen gifts, Prophet Manasseh has the ability to see the potential in people and motivate them to cultivate the gifts and talents that often lie dormant within them. [01]

He also claims to have raised the dead - for a fee of course.

    In several of his sermons, Jordan has reiterated that he's been able to bring the dead back to life. In one of his sermons, he mentioned about his engagement with the "Johnson Family, saying, "When he got outside the hospital he called and said your mother that died a couple of hours ago came back to life. [02]

Manasseh web site has a "become a partner" page that invites people to commit to $30, $50, $100. or even $500 a month. The last entitles them to, among other things, priority seating at Prophet Manasseh Events, FREE access to Prophet Manasseh's manuscripts, FREE access to Prophet Manasseh monthly prophecy conference call, and access to a LIVE prophetic phone call with the Prophet. [03]

It is interesting that all donations are supposed to be to "help Prophet Manasseh spread the Gospel", yet the Gospel message does not appear anywhere on his web site. That's right! Not a single word.

One of Manasseh's favorite ways to raise money is by cold calling, i.e. unsolicited pre-recorded robocalls to people that promise a "financial blessing" if you call him back or send him an email - "I must know how much money you are asking God to release. So write me back, and email me immediately...I have to give you this prophecy". You can listen to a sample of Manasseh Jordan's robot calls HERE. They are weird and spooky sounding and how anyone can fall for them is well beyond me.

Jordan's tele-marketing has become such a nuisance that

    "he has been sued 19 times in federal court over the last four years for alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and other charges. This year alone (2016), he's been sued four times". [04]

In 2017, the FCC issued a citation to Manasseh Jordan for robocalls to cell phones. [05] Apparently, Jordans father (the so called Bishop) was cited in 2010 for a similar telemarketing tactic. [06]

"Manasseh Jordan Ministries is a 501(c)(3) public charity, and as such, the IRS doesn't require Jordan to disclose how much he earns, nor does it collect taxes on the income. It's enough, however, to fund a "lavish lifestyle" that includes multimillion-dollar homes and a fleet of luxury cars, according to the newest civil complaint filed against him.

And God is good. Jordan's most current listed addresses include a $2 million luxury condo on Sunny Isles Beach and a $4 million waterfront mansion in North Miami Beach, Florida.

His phone number is unlisted". [07]

End Notes - "Prophet" Manasseh Jordan - Like Father Like Son
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Bernard Jordan and Joseph Simmons aka Rev. Run
Joseph Ward Simmons better known by the stage name Run, or DJ Run, is a musician, rapper and actor. He is one of the founding members of the influential hip hop group RunD.M.C. Run began using the stage name of "Rev. Run" after he was ordained as a Pentecostal minister by E. Bernard Jordan, Simmons spiritual mentor.Tele-Run

And Rev. Run learned very well.

    In 2005, he, his wife and their five children moved into their house in Saddle River NJ. for which he paid 1.6 million dollars The house has 6 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, and 2 half bathrooms an inground pool with pool house, and an indoor basketball court. He spent an estimated 2 million dollars for a renovation that included the addition of a recording studio, a library and a meditation room. According to him they just tore pictures out of magazines  and gave them to the architect or contractor and told them to do it.  Mrs. Simmons said the four chairs in the kitchen cost $2,000 a piece. The home theater was installed for about $ 100,000. [01]

In 2008, the house was listed for sale for $5,195,000

In 2016, Rev. Run and his wife Justine Simmons shared the renovation process of their luxurious 9,000 sq. ft. New Jersey home on their DIY Network [02]

One of the qualification was that there be room in a three-car garage for his Rolls Royce. And Tailored Living a home organization company delivered... in spades

    "The new garage floor, an industrial-strength hybrid polymer floor coating has a high gloss, mirror finish and truly reflects the grandeur of Revs Rolls Royce in coordinating colors of Graphite and Smoke." [03]

This caused Run to exclaim

    "This is incredible, I love it! Colors in the garage match the Rolls, same exact color of my car. It looks like a marble floor too". [04]

End Notes - Joseph Simmons aka Rev. Run
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