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TV, Video Games, Fantasy Games
and The Media

We Are Television
In 1977 Jerry Mander wrote Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, a work that has since gained a cult following. It is a voice for all of those who know that something has gone terribly wrong, and that the television is a major part of the problem.

The Dangers of Television
As Christians we are to live a pure lifestyle, even in private. Analyze the TV programs you watch.

Video Games
Video Games
The best-selling video game in America last year was “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” The recent controversy over this popular video game is just another reminder of the deception of ratings and the need for parental direction and discernment when it comes to buying video games.

Fantasy Games
 Fantasy Games People Play
In the real world there are usually two or more sides to an issue, and FRP games are no exception. To categorically declare that all FRP games are "evil" and "of the devil" would be simplistic and erroneous. But to accept all of them uncritically as "good" or "harmless" would also be simplistic and erroneous  - and could lead to some undesirable consequences. How can a person make an intelligent assessment of these games?

Dungeons and Dragons
"Make no mistake about it, magic and sorcery ARE spiritual. It does not matter if they are 'make believe' magic or not. We are not saying that everyone who plays D&D is going to end up a sorcerer or a Satanist. But we are saying that being exposed to all these ideas of magic to the degree that the game requires cannot but help have a significant impact on the minds of the players, no matter if they are Christian or unbeliever, and no matter what the 'template.'

Books & Movies
Harry Potter
 Harmless fantasty or totally un-Biblical and dangerous?

The Golden Compass
 The movie was portrayed as another in a long line of fantasy movies that tell a wonderful tale. However, this is not exactly true. The author, Philip Pullman, is a vocal atheist and the Golden Compass is the first book in a trilogy called His Dark Materials that is aggressively anti-Christian. The church, particularly the Catholic church s portrayed evil, ignorant, and controlling. There are numerous references to original sin, baptism, the Vatican Council, and the magisterium.

Also See

The Chronicles of Narnia
If it is true, as some Christians have alleged, that The Chronicles of Narnia are an illustrious biblical metaphor...
Wonderful adventures that filled with Biblical allegory and allusion, why do they draw as much from pagan mythology as they do the Bible, and worse, why does one of the main characters Mr. Tumnus bears an astonishing similarity to the Greco/Roman fertility deity Pan, one of the most enduring and compelling symbols for the anti-Christ

The Media
Media and Discernment
Of all the forms of media, the news media have become a primary shaper of our perspective on the world. Also, the rules of journalism have changed in the last few decades. It used to be assumed that reporters or broadcasters would attempt to look at events through the eyes of the average reader or viewer. It was also assumed that they would not use their positions in the media to influence the thinking of the nation but merely to report objectively the facts of an event. Things have changed dramatically in the news business.


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