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The Christian Woman

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A Woman of Strength, Who Can Find?
As Christian women living in a society that offers so many distorted or inadequate models for women, we should be concerned to take on a mature ideal of womanhood. We need an ideal that applies in all its dimensions to the circumstances we now live in, yet remains fully expressive of God's purpose for women.

Feminism and The Bible
The infiltration of radical feminism into the church, loudly and gratingly proclaims the superiority of the feminine and the inferiority of the masculine and demands a new female-centered theology. Radical feminists, not only reject historic Christian orthodoxy in favor of neo-paganism and goddess worship, but realizing that in order to change a civilization built on the Bible, the very Bible must be changed. Much of the problems stem from the doctrine of male headship… one of the most controversial subjects in the Scripture. Feminists are quite convinced that Headship = domination and Subordination = inferiority and denigration. Unfortunately both feminists and an altogether too large a number of traditional church leaders have myopically focused on what they think is Scripture’s treatment of, and instructions regarding, the sexes, with complete disregard for what the Scriptures actually reveal. What is certain is that the Biblical concept of male headship has all too often been twisted to generate horrible evil. 

The 10 Lies of Feminism
At its inception, the feminist movement, accompanied by the sexual revolution, made a series of enticing, exciting promises to women... supposed to enhance a woman's quality of life and improve her options, as well as her relations with men. Now, a decade or so later, women have had to face the fact that, in many ways, feminism and liberation made promises that could not be delivered.

How Should Christian Women Dress?
Is it decent and seemly and modest for a woman who has committed her life to Jesus Christ to dress herself the way that so many women do today?

Modesty Matters
When I go to the mall I don’t expect to see modesty, but when I come to church I do. We, as Christian women, should look different from the world. But I am sad to say that too many times, when you see a group of girls standing around, there is very little difference in dress between those who profess to know Christ and those who don’t.


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