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Emotions and Psychology


The Christian, Emotions and Psychology

Christians And Emotions

Are You Emotionally Mature?
In this age, people no longer base decisions and actions on solid moral values. They have been programmed to act according to their feelings. Emotions are something that all Christians must battle. Are you controlling your emotions?

Grappling with Guilt
Feeling guilty can cripple you emotionally. Serious ethical or moral lapses can bring blame and shame. A seemingly minor flaw can sometimes bug the daylights out of you. This article looks at healthy, biblical ways to deal with guilt, and how to know that you are really forgiven.

A word that is used frequently in our time, is said to be "the common cold of emotional disorders”, and it appears to be on the rise. It may surprise you to know that even some great biblical characters and spiritual giants wrestled with depression.

Worry And Anxiety
Is all my fretting and stewing simply not believing that God is in control?

The Christian And Anger
The Bible repeatedly warns us to handle anger very carefully, but on the other hand A person who is never angry or "negatively energized" is generally worthless.

Does God expect us to forgive everyone who sins against us, even those who don't humble themselves, admit their sin, and request forgiveness? As we study Scripture closely, we discover that the answer is "No." To the surprise of many Christians, Scripture clearly states that, although we are commanded to love everyone, we are not required to forgive everyone.


Christians And Psychology

Exposing the Myth that Christians Should Not Have Emotional Problems:
"The only army that shoots its wounded is the Christian army," At any one time, up to 15 percent of our population is experiencing significant emotional problems. For them our churches need to be sanctuaries of healing, not places where they must hide their wounds.

Do Hurting People Need Counsellors, Therapies and Psychologists?
One of the biggest effects of our therapeutic and counselling culture: - somebody (it seems) must always be to blame for ones problems!! However personal responsibility for wrongdoing is never avoided in Biblical teaching:


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