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The Christian and Prayer

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Thoughts On Prayer   (Below)


Jesus’ Blueprint For Prayer
"The Lord's Prayer." Actually, the prayer is misnamed because the Lord Himself could not have prayed this prayer. As the Son of God without sin, He could not have joined in the petition, "Forgive us our sins." Perhaps the prayer should be labeled, "The Disciples' Prayer," since it is a primer on prayer for people like us. It serves us in praying as an outline serves a minister when he preaches a sermon or as a blueprint serves a builder when he constructs a building. It guides us as we go.

Praying In The Spirit
Let us not allow the idea of "praying in the Spirit" to be corralled into a "tongues only" code-phrase, for there are many ways to "pray in the Spirit" besides the gift of tongues. Praying in the Spirit should be understood as praying in the power of the Spirit, by the leading of the Spirit, and according to His will, not as praying in tongues

What Does It Mean To Pray Without Ceasing?
Paul’s command in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “pray without ceasing,” can be confusing. Obviously, it cannot mean we are to be in a head-bowed, eyes-closed posture all day long.

Can My Prayers Help Some one Else?
Can my prayers actually reach out and touch another person? "I’ll pray for you," I promise so easily. But what if I forget? Does that mean the help never goes to them at all? Does God, who loves that person so much more deeply than I ever could--does God hold back, waiting for me? Surely God’s great creative love is not tied to the reliability of a human friend. Surely someone God loves is cared for, with or without my involvement.

Every Prayer An Answered Prayer
How many times have you said, "God just doesn't hear my prayers"? Are you are among the many Christians who pray with fingers crossed, "hoping against hope" that God will hear you?


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    Some Thoughts On Prayer

    "When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don't they don't."  William Temple

    "Probably the number one reason why prayer malfunctions in the hands of believers is that we try to turn a wartime walkie-talkie into a domestic intercom. Until you know that life is war you cannot know what prayer is for. Prayer is for the accomplishment of a wartime mission.... But what have millions of Christians done? We have stopped believing that we are in a war.  No urgency, no watching, no vigilance. No strategic planning.  Just easy peace and prosperity. And what did we do with the walkie-talkie? We tried to rig it up as an intercom in our houses and cabins and boats and car, not to call in fire power for conflict with a moral enemy, but to ask for more comforts in the den."  John Piper (Let the Nations be Glad, 46).

    "If God had granted all the silly prayers I've made in my life, where should I be now?"  C. S Lewis, Letters to Malcolm.

    "There is a general kind of praying which fails for lack of precision.  It is as if a regiment of soldiers should all fire off their guns anywhere.  Possibly somebody would be killed, but the majority of the enemy would be missed."  C.H. Spurgeon.

    "Do you ever come to God and say, "Lord, I have worked this all out, I want you to bless it"? What is that saying? "It all depends on me. I want you to make it work, that's all." That is trying to mix the old and the new, and it will never work. You cannot do it. God will never go along with that process. He just folds his arms and says, "If that is the way you want to do it, you do it. I'll watch you." And he watches us until we fall flat on our face. But when we are discouraged, after finding out it did not work, and cry out, "Lord, help me," he says, "Here I am. I have been here all along and I am willing to work through you right now, as long as you quit working, depending on yourself." Ray Stedman. Authentic Christianity.

    However, also remember that the New Testament says

    "for the eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous, and his ears attend to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil." (1 Peter 3:12 NASB)


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