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Jehovah Mekadesh
“The Lord Who Sanctifies You”

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Hebrews 12:14

WARNING! Epidemic in the Church
Ask the enlightened American what he thinks of Christian sexual morality. To him, it's a fossil-an antique that went out with washboards and penny candy. Who believes any more what the Bible says about sex? Old ladies and helpless traditionalists, the same quaint folk who still use push lawn mowers, manual typewriters, and clothes that are years out of style. But when we fall for Satan's lies about sex, there is nothing funny about it. This world is filled with disillusioned and bitter people who have run into a brick wall at the end of a dark alley marked "Sexual Freedom." Despite our rationale for violating God's will, the law of the harvest stands-what we plant, we will reap

Ten Steps to Sexual Sin for Christian Leaders and How Not to Take Them


Strategies for Fighting Sexual Sin


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Also Section The Case For Christianity
Many, if not most, non-Christians assume that Christianity is a "blind faith"... that Christians ignore reality and have unquestioning loyalty to an absolute belief system without proof or evidence. In fact, that they believe contrary to all evidence and facts. Much to the contrary, the Christian faith is a commitment based on evidence. The Judeo-Christian faith consistently  stresses the importance of truth, and makes  appeal to evidence  to support it's truth claims. 




[Please Note: I have no personal knowledge of any of these programs. They are linked here as they might help for those that may need it. If you contact or enroll in one of the programs, we would hope it is only after thoroughly investigating the organization concerned. All the wording below is from each organization’s own site.]


This website was developed to be the first Church Porn site in the world. However this Church Porn Site is not like other Porn sites. This is a ministry that helps those who are struggling with Pornography by allowing you to download a free accountability program that will allow a friend to know what websites you are visiting online in order that they may hold you accountable to what you are looking at online. Go To The Site

Christian Answers
Read personal stories about other people's experiences and how they have dealt with sexual addictions, adultery, and more.

Need some wise advice about a problem you are facing? Don't wait. We can put you in touch with a Christian that can discretely and confidentially correspond with you about your problem by E-mail.

Warning: This area is intended for adults and teens, not young children. You will find no objectionable pictures on this site. However, some content is frank and not appropriate for younger audiences Go To The Site

Pure Intimacy
Focus on the Family, the Christian ministry that operates Pure Intimacy, maintains a Counseling Department dedicated to providing caring support and counsel for anyone in need and has a number of other programs available for people struggling with pornography, sex addiction, and affairs. Go To The Site

Covenant Eyes
Internet addictions are easier to prevent than they are to overcome. However, accountability is a major key to successful recovery for those who have an existing struggle. Covenant Eyes is designed to hold people accountable when using the Internet. Safeguard your Internet world from the dangers, risks, and liabilities of Internet pornography.

It's easy to use. Once installed, Covenant Eyes monitors websites your computer visits. Whenever Internet access is attempted, you will be asked to log in (or you can configure it to log in automatically). Once logged in, your Internet activity will be monitored by our servers and periodically emailed in a report to the Accountability Partner(s) you choose in the Signup Procedure. The information is scored specifically for pornography and presented in an easy-to-read Accountability Report, but the entire history of the web sites visited is recorded and available.  Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, a list of sites visited is sent to one or two Accountability Partners, selected by you when you sign up for the Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability program.

Covenant Eyes could be your first line of defense for online temptation”.


Integrity Online
[Integrity has hosted InPlainSite.org since the day I first uploaded a small 150 page site.. way back in September 1999.

    Integrity Online started in the mid-'90s as a small group of loosely associated companies with the same goal: find a way to bring some sense to the Internet. While recognizing the Internet as great resource; offensive, unwanted and dangerous web sites and intrusive e-mails were starting to get out of hand. So, we consolidated into one national firm, Integrity Online, now the nation's oldest and most proficient Internet filtering service. Our sole purpose is to make certain the Internet is safe and productive for everyone: businesses, churches and organizations, educational facilities and individual users (families).

    As objectionable web sites and e-mail have grown, so has Integrity Online

Go To The Integrity Site