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Links That Open In A New Window

The bold brightly coloured text on most pages are not usually part of the original article, but lead to a related topic written either by me or someone else and being in a different section of the site, will almost always open in a new window to prevent you getting lost.

However this may cause problems for some viewers. While I am far from very knowledgeable about computers, Ctrl-Click, or holding down the CTRL key while clicking on one of these links, may work with some browsers.

Alternately you can right-click the link and select either 'Open Link in New Tab' or 'Open Link in New Window'. I believe either of the above two options will work in IE7 or Firefox.

However if you are a frequent visitor to Inplainsite.org, you can add it to a list of sites, which are ‘allowed’ to open Pop-up windows on your computer, thus avoiding the extra steps once and for all. Here’s how...


On your browser window click on Tools then Internet Options.

Click on The Privacy Tab.

Note that Turn on Pop-up Blocker (lower down on the page) has been ticked. It is probably wise to leave this ticked and so prevent most Pop-ups.


Click on Sites.



Type in http://www.inplainsite.org and Click Allow, then OK.

As far as I am aware, all links on this site that are intended to open in a New Window, will now do so on your computer.


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