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Ozzy Osbourne’s Ozzfest 2004

Perhaps the Most Depraved, Satanic, Anti Christ Bands Yet

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Death Cult Armageddon

"The unholy hosts of Dimmu Borgir request your presence in hell. Come join the Death Cult congregation where all 5 points of the pentagram meet at the crossroads of Armageddon for grandiose libations of epic metal madness. Be one of the first blasphemers to witness the incredible majesty and violent devastation of all that is pure and divine. Death Cult Armageddon awaits!"

Master of Disharmony
(Sons of Satan Gather for Attack)

Master of disharmony
Welcome my tainted soul
Take me from the hordes of the living
Into the blessed darkness
Master of disorder
Take my impure flesh
Lead me unto the path of temptation

Save me from cowardness

Master of sin
Take my cursed heart
Bring me where I can find salvation
For I am the damned

Master of death
Take my pitiful life
I am enslaved
I shall never forget the pain

Master of sin
Take my cursed heart
Bring me where I can find salvation
For I am the damned

Master of death
Take my pitiful life
I am enslaved
I shall never forget the pain

In Conspiracy With Satan (Bathory)
The lies of Christ will lose
the ways of hell I chose
I drink the floating blood
defy the fury of God

I have turned my back on Christ
to hell I have sacrificed
I have made love to the Pagan Queen
the gates of hell I have seen......

....I read the book of spell
I chimed death's ancient bell
and when I die I have a place
reserved in hell .......

...... I have kissed my master's hand
I have seen the children of the damned
I heard the demons call
and seen a thousand virgins fall

Satan My Master Lyrics (Bathory)
Satan My Master
I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
Satan My Master
Up side down I turn the cross of God

Satan My Master
Recieve this sacrifice this blood of mine
Satan My Master
I cut into my rotten flesh your signs

Satan My Master
Remember me when judgement day is near
Satan My Master
Take my hand when Armageddon is here


Evil Fantasies
.... You give me evil fantasies
I wanna get inside your mind
Come on and live my fantasies
I'll show you evil you can't hide ....

                                                       Hell is Home
....Hell is home to me
Might as well be
I like it here and no-one else invited me
Hell is home to me
It has to be ('cause Jesus Christ)
Nobody else invited me ,,,,

A Touch Of Evil
.... In the night
Come to me
You know I want your Touch of Evil
In the night
Please set me free
I can't resist a Touch of Evil ....

Devil Driver’s home page

Devil Driver..The group on the right, and their commonly used symbol (left)

Superjoint Ritual

 Black Label Society

Lyrics to Counterfeit God
Can't you see I feel your pain?
I've got Jesus running through my veins
In this hopeless life that's turned on you
Give yourself to me, I'll help you through
I feed off your unanswered fear
When visions of life's end appear
Hand over your will and then you'll see
Now get on your knees and worship me

Lyrics to Stoned & Drunk

Disillusioned, pure confusion,
where I'm rolling, never never knowing
Walkin' minefields, all is surreal,
where I'm rolling, never never knowing
Walked out of my mind,
don't wanna find, whatevers left
Poppin' pills and drinkin' booze,
smokin' everyday
Stoned and drunk completely gone,
my world is here to stay

‘Sinner’ by Throwdown

Answer me this, is God a fascist? If you can't see him, then you will
burn in hell. Help me. Save me. Show your fucking face. In the name of
love you let me fall from your grace. Show your face and save, or let me
hate you. Down on those knees never did a fucking thing. Rot and sin,
cause you can't see him. Cause you can't see what he never showed, then you
will burn in hell. Rot and sin, cause you can't see him

At Least I Know I'm A Sinner (Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses Album)
True strength comes from within
And we were given this life to live,
not exist under standards, set by some bullshit rule book
What prayers of yours, were ever answered, by degrading others
Spare me your biblical back peddling nonsense
For the people that you've hurt, and the being your dishonor,
Your fall from grace, will finally justify my means

Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics

Ozzy Osbourne in S.I.N. (No More Tears)
“I can hear 'em, I can hear 'em
I can see 'em, I can see 'em. . .
In my head I hear the voices scream. . .”

Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Zombie Stomp’ (No More Tears)
Hiding from the laughter and the demons dancing round my brain
Always dancing on thin ice I guess I'll have to pay the price”
Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Diary of a Madman’. (Dairy of a Madman)
 “A sickened mind and spirit the mirror tells me lies
Could I mistake myself for someone who lives behind my eyes
Will he escape my soul or will he live in me
Is he tryin' to get out or tryin' to enter me.
Voices in the darkness scream away my mental health”

Ozzy Osbourne in ‘No Bone Movies’ (Blizzard of Oz)
 “I just can't stop it, I try and I try
X-rated demon that lives in my head
Hungry for bodge, and he wants to be fed”

Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Gets Me Through’
”I have a vision that I just can't control
I feel I've lost my spirit and sold my soul
That I'm facing hell”

Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Can You Hear Them’
Can you hear them
All the voices in my head. . .
They won't be happy 'till I'm dead”

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