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The Wrath of God
The Bible labours the point in both Old and New Testament that God is good to those who trust Him and is terrible to those who do not. Both Testaments emphasize the reality and terror of God’s wrath. Today’s powerless, sickly sweet, sentimental Easy Christianity has chosen to babble on and on about the goodness and love of God, but totally ignore (to our peril) His wrath and judgment.

Salvation... Part I
You can be wrong about a lot of things but if you are wrong about the Gospel of Jesus Christ you are in trouble. A large percentage of the modern church will tell you that in order to receive salvation and life eternal, you merely have to "believe in Jesus Christ" or "receive Christ as your Savior". Unfortunately, although the words come from the Bible, by themselves these instructions are horribly abbreviated. They neither tell you what you are saved from, and what you gain by being "saved". Nor do they accurately convey all that is involved in a person being saved. Diametrically opposed to most modern methods of preaching the Gospel, the message should begin with the wrath of God. The bad news has to come before the good news. Telling someone that they can be saved is completely ridiculous if they neither know they are lost, nor what it is they need to be saved from. Telling someone that there is a pardon available is an absolute waste of time, if the person does not know they are already condemned. Besides which, God releases us from the demands of eternal justice on the basis that someone else paid our fine. However receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is not a passive ‘acceptance’ that makes a door-to-door salesman of the Savior. He DOES NOT meekly stand by waiting to know whether we will patronize Him or not.

Salvation... Part II
Acknowledging Jesus Merely as Savior is Insufficient.
If you have not enthroned Christ as Lord, and do not defer to Him as King, you cannot possibly attain salvation. Simply because no one can live in his kingdom without acknowledging him as king. Why Jesus would want anyone in His kingdom when they show no allegiance to Him as King and do not bother to obey Him, which means they have, in effect, rejected His Sovereign authority. The Biblical way to salvation is to see Jesus Christ as not only savior, but also as Lord. To pledge to obey Him as best you can the rest of your life