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Quotations from Islamic Conferences in the U.S.

Jennifer Rast (Contender Ministries)

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The following are statements made by Islamic Leaders at conferences held in the United States and attended by thousands. These statements are made openly in our Country and heard by thousands of supporters and curious listeners. Just as these Islamic leaders have the right to speak openly of their belief in Jihad, their hatred of the Jews and Christians, and their duty as Muslims, Christians not only have this same right, we are called by our Lord and Savior to contend for our faith and bring others to the saving grace of Christ.

Perhaps after reading these comments heard by thousands you will feel the Holy Spirit leading you to speak up. The policies, politics and laws in this great democracy come from the people. Unfortunately the silent majority is too often absent and content to sit in their pew, worship their God, and rejoice in the fact that they are right. That isn't enough. When our voices come up against the voices of the speakers mentioned blow, we always win. We just have to be heard. The quotes below are not being displayed to be mean-spirited but to open the eyes of Christians to the fact that when God called us to be fishers of men, he also warned us that we would not be the only fishermen at sea. There will be false prophets, false religions, and deception. Our job is to point out this deception and save as many souls as we can from the net that threatens to trap them. Sometimes the cold hard realities we face are needed to make us realize that we were blessed when Christ saved us and we have a job to do

1999 IAP Annual Conference, Chicago Illinois
Speaker - Salah Sultan

"My advice to the American society: See the realities, do not take them from the false media that bank on your credulity and submissiveness. The Zionist regime is a danger to the Jews, a danger to Christians, a danger to Americans. I want every child to sleep on the world of Palestine and the actions of martyrdom, just like that mother in the country whose son wrote to her that they are to meet in Paradise…."

1989 Hamas Conference, Kansas City
Speaker - Yusuf al-Qaradawi

"Palestine cannot be liberated except by Islam! So, if they fight us with Judaism, we will fight them with Islam! If they fight with the Torah, we will fight them with the Koran. If they say their temple, we have the Masjid al-Aqsa. On the Hour of Judgment, the Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them, until the Jews will hide behind the stone, and the stone and the tree will say, O Servant of Allah, O Muslim! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him… Muslims will not be victorious by nationalism, and not by monarchy, and not by democracy, and not by Marxism - They will only be victorious by Islam.

1989 Hamas Conference, Kansas City
Speaker - Sheikh Ahmed al-Qattan

"Greetings to those who shoot at the Jews with the catapult, and to those who poke out the eyes of the Jews with the slingshot… In 1967 the Jews sang, "Muhammad is dead and gave birth to girls, and we answered, "O sons of pigs and monkeys, Muhammad is not dead and he did not give birth to girls. Rather, khaybar, khaybar [death] to Jews; Muhammad's Army will return!"

AIP emergency conference during the Gulf War, Chicago Illinois
Speaker - Khalil al-Qawka

"Today, America is right here at your doorstep, in everybody's house. Ba'al, the idol, is back and stands erect in the Arabian Peninsula. Is there a Muhammad to slay the Ba'al of our times?… The Marines, dear brothers, are stealing the doors of your houses, and the doors of your mosques, in obstinate and open provocation. They are at our doors. Their plan is to penetrate the flesh of our girls. And our honor, and our values, in order to turn our society into a perverted nation.

AIP Conference, Chicago Illinois, 1996
Speaker - Mohammad abu Faris, Jordanian Islamic Leader

"We were blamed in writing that we do not comply with what our religion orders us to. It orders us to fight the Jews and we did not kill them, and we did not perform our religion. Therefore, had we claimed that we do perform what our religion orders us and obliges us to do while we are not doing it then they would have been right. They wrote that our reality contradicts our religion.. There is only one way to liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa, and that is the fighting, that is the Jihad, that is the slaughtering, that is the butchering…call it dialogue."

AIP Conference, Chicago Illinois, 1996
Speaker - Abdulrahman Alamoudi, Executive Director of the American Muslim Council (AMC)

"If we are outside this country we can say O Allah, destroy America, but once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it. There is no way for Muslims to be violent in America, no way. We have other means to do it. You can be violent anywhere else but in America."

AIP Conference, Chicago Illinois, 1997
Speaker - Ahmed al-Kufahi, member of the Islamic Action Front(IAF)

"In Islam, if your enemy occupies a small piece of your land, then you have to declare jihad against the enemy. Jihad becomes a must and a religious obligation on all Muslims to go and fight the enemy…women must go for jihad without taking permission from their husbands, slaves without taking permission from their masters, boys without taking permission from their fathers. Palestine is occupied by the enemy. The occupation of Palestine shouldn't be dealt with as a regional one but as an Islamic obligation, because occupation of any Islamic land is a violation to the Sovereignty of Islamic world."

Ali al-Byanuni, leader of the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood

"The Palestine issue is the most important issue for Muslims and its liberation and confronting the Zionist challenge should be on the top of our priorities as Muslims, and we should prepare ourselves for that task. Jihad is an Islamic obligation and a must on all Muslims."

2000 IAP Annual Conference, Chicago Illinois, Thanksgiving Weekend
Speaker - Imam Jamal Said (from Bridgeview, Il)

"I appeal to you, on this night that is ushering in the holy month of Ramadan, to be generous and give plenty to keep the light in the houses of our martyrs burning. We have boxes here that say "Help us, help the Aqsa cause, Islamic Association for Palestine!" We want you to fill those boxes. There is no better charity than to pay for the family of a martyr."

Sheikh Tariq Suweidan

"Palestine will not be liberated but through Jihad. Nothing can be achieved without sacrificing blood. The Jews will meet their end at our hands."

Arabic will of "martyr" Hamdi Yasin - died while killing an Israeli officer.
"I say, it is not correct when some people say that we commit suicide because we do not value life. We love life, but life in dignity…I cannot allow God's houses to be violated without defending them. At the Law Faculty of Al-Ashar University I was about to receive a certificate in law, but in this phase I prefer another kind of certificate, the other life, martyrdom in the path of God, the other certificate is martyrdom in the path of god. There is a big difference between the two certificates. Finally I pray to Almighty god that my action may result in the death of the greatest number of god's enemies possible. Let them know that our hallowed places, and our brains, and our blood are not cheap. I profess that there is no god but the One God, and that Muhammad is the messenger of god."

Statement by Iranian-American Imam, Muhammad al-Asi
"Let me say that Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and the Islamic Resistance in the Occupied Lands are part of a general Islamic revitalization, political-military reinstatement in the arena of the world, that is not confined to the Occupied Lands and that strictly belongs to the general Islamic condition throughout the world."


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