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Doctrines of Grace Or Predestination.

Carol Brooks.

The problem with Calvinism is that regardless of how much you esteem and love the Father - how much you study, live according to, or even defend His word - no matter how righteously you conduct your life and how many times you pray or help the widow and the orphan you have absolutely NO idea whether any of this is going to count at all. You might think you are among the saved elect when, in reality, you are not. In other words, it is entirely possible that you are just as lost as the atheist down the road. 

The doctrine of 'once saved, always saved,' is only a theoretical guarantee of eternal security simply because you cannot possibly know whether you were saved in the first place.

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Section I... Introduction To Doctrines of Grace
John Calvin and The Institutes of the Christian Church.
The Canons of Dordt

Section II... Total Inability (The Cornerstone)
Origin of Total Inability
Total Inability and The Fall, Adam.. Morally Perfect and Immortal?
God Called His Creation "Good", Did Adam Die Spiritually or Physically?, God "Forgot" To Mention
Three Questions, Contradictions or Perspective,  Supposed Proof Texts, Why People Resist,
Total Inability, the Gospel and an 'Unreasonable' God?
Moses and Joshua Seemed to Think That The Keeping of God's Commandments Was an Achievable Goal. The People's Response to Joshua
People Call On God and God Answers

Section III... Unconditional Election
A Skewed View Of Justice, When Logic Goes Out The Window, The Word Predestination,
Ephesians 1:11-13 .. Read carefully, Actually Debunks Calvinism,
Elijah And Romans 11:2-7
Romans and John 6, God "Grants" Repentance, The Parable of The Sower,
The Order of Salvation, Whom Does God Forgive? and Other Passages
Paul's Inexplicable Tactics... Apparently Paul Did Not Know That The Elect Were Already Sovereignly Predetermined For Salvation
Acts Against (Unconditional) Election

Section IV... Limited Atonement
The "World"... Is Theology The Deciding Factor In Determining What The Word "World" Means?
1 John 2:1-2 Rules Out The Concept Of Jesus Dying For A Select Part Of The Human Race
John 6:33.. Life Offered Or Given? Light And Eternal Life
John 3:16.. If The Word World In This Verse Refers Only To The Elect...
 What Are We To Do With The Word Whosoever
The Typology in John 3:14
John 10:15.. A Calvinistic Proof Text.. If You Do Not Read The Next Verse
John 16:8-11.. The Holy Spirit Ought Not To Be Here At All. Say What Again!
All Men... All Doesn't Always Mean Every Person On The Planet.. But Sometimes It Does.
Attempting To Reconcile The Irreconcilable,
As Many As Ye Shall Find

Section V... Irresistible Grace
"Common" and "Special" Grace, Irresistible Grace Vs. Free Will
Freedom Is Freedom. Implications Of The Claim That 'God's Grace Makes A Person Willing'
Romans 14:23... in Context. Exhorting Believers to Make Their Election Sure
Why Does The Bible Praises Faith?

Section VI... Perseverance of The Saints
Warning Passages For The Elect Who Cannot do Other Than Persevere In Faith
"Proof Texts"
Ephesians 1:13-14 Doesn't Say "Guarantee" Of Our Inheritance
John 4:14 And 6:35.. What Happened To Continuous Bubbling And Believing?
John 10:27-29.. What Defines Jesus' Sheep?
Philippians 1:6.. "He Who Began A Good Work In You".. What Good Work?
1 John 2:19... Who Were "They" And Why Did They Leave?
Isolated Verses Or An Integrated Whole.. The Conditions Just Aren't In The Same Verse
Acts 20:32.. Those Grievous Wolves
Colossians 4:12... Why Was Epaphras Agonizing?
Romans 12:1-2 ... Paul's Exhortation
Confused Teachings.. If "No One Is Lost From This Group", Then...?
Romans 12:1-2

Death Before Sin

Section VII... When the Gospel Becomes a Lie And Assurance of Salvation
How a Calvinist can, without crossing their fingers behind their backs, point to the cross and tell a non-believer that God loves them enough to sacrifice His one and only Son for their sins. How Can Any Calvinist KNOW He is Saved?

Section VIII...
God’s Sovereignty, Omnipotence And Hypocrisy Unlimited

God’s Sovereignty:
What Exactly Does Sovereignty Mean, God's Omnipotence Vs. Logical Impossibilities
Contradictions And Absurdities. Salvation By Works?
Conditions Being Imposed In No Way Nullify The Freeness Of The Gift. God's Will
Not At All Difficult To Sort Out If You Do Two Things.

Hypocrisy Unlimited:
Take your pick.. either John Calvin was a misguided zealot, or God and Jesus are very hypocritical, very deceptive, grossly unjust or, if we were to be extremely charitable, just very confused.
God Called and Spread Out His Hands to The People... What For?
Examples of Hypocrisy.. Or Are They?
Matthew 23:37... Was Jesus Lament Over Jerusalem An Elaborate Sham?
Explanations by Arthur Pink and James White That Don’t Hold Water  .
Jesus “Marvelled”

Section IX... Conclusion
An Intellectual Elite?, Years Of Struggle
Spurgeon's Flash Of Insight
Idealization of John Calvin
More Than Just Erroneous Doctrine
The Character of God

Section X... Calvinism and The First 1500 Years. The Sins of Augustine
Apparently, apart from Augustine, the first 1500 years of church history was filled with ignoramuses who, in spite of their deep devotion to the Word of God, never managed to figure out that predestination was a basic tenet of the Bible. It took fifteen centuries before Calvin and the Reformers came along and 'discovered', then fully developed this doctrine which, until then had only been endorsed by a man who was wrong about almost everything else he believed and taught and who has been called  “principal theological creator of the Latin-Catholic system.


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