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The Deity of Jesus Christ. Was He Lord, Liar,
Or Lunatic?

Carol Brooks
Edited by Vicki Narlee



John 1:1
The Matter of The "a"

There are several passages, apart from John 1:1, in which Jesus is explicitly called "theos". In fact, the church's confession of Christ as Theos began in the first century with the apostles themselves.

The Strikingly Significant Parallels between Yahweh In The Old Testament, and Jesus In The New
Comparing statements made about God in the Old Testament, with statements made about Jesus in the New
Common Attributes
Titles Shared By God The Father and Jesus
The First and The Last, The Alpha and The Omega, and The Beginning and The End


Three Significant Titles Jesus Claimed For Himself
"I Am"
Son of Man
The Good Shepherd

Son of God...Was Jesus the "offspring" of God?

The Claims Jesus Made
if Jesus was not the Son of God, then He was a pathological liar, the likes of which few of us have ever come across,

Jesus Often Claimed for Himself Prerogatives Reserved Solely for God
Including The Authority To Both Give And Send The Holy Spirit of God!

Jesus' Appeal to Other Witnesses
As Jesus Himself said, His claims did not rest on words alone.

The Opinions of Jesus' Contemporaries
They not only talked the talk, but also walked the walk, which translated into...

When, from cover to cover, the Scriptures explicitly teach that YHWH alone is to be worshipped...

Hypocrisy Unlimited?
...Does it not seem exceedingly strange that, over and over again, in the New Testament, Jesus was the object of worship?
without any record of Him ever rebuking anyone for doing so

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, proskuneo, and Hebrews 1:6
The Jehovah's Witness Bible translates proskuneo into obeisance,
instead of "worship", only when it occurs in reference to Jesus.



Rebuttal Arguments

Matthew 19:16-17... There is None Good
Was Jesus really denying His own goodness,

Philippians 2:5-8.. Jesus "Emptied Himself"
like so many other verses, has been wrested from it's context, which has led to more erroneous interpretations than a dog has fleas.

Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32...Jesus Did Not Know
How could He say that he did not know the day and hour of a future event?

Luke 2:52... Jesus Increased In Wisdom And Stature.

Colossians 1:15-18... The Firstborn Of All Creation
Was Christ the first created being, therefore not eternal?

Jesus and The Father
John 16:27-30... What Does Jesus "Came Forth" Mean
Jesus Was From Everlasting
Jesus and The Father Are One, Yet Distinguishable From Each Other

Which Explains...

Coming To A Decision About Jesus in Light Of His Claims


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Artwork provided courtesy of James "theo" Theopistos.